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  1. Do you think the recent announcement regarding Judicial Review will delay claims for a long period. Mine are now in and the clock is ticking, but it looks ominous.
  2. Does it make any difference if i am now employed (and not self employed as I was at the time of the loan being set-up) ?
  3. Hi, I was wondering if I could get some advice on this - I took a secured loan in 2006 with First Plus, at the time I was self employed and was for a period of three to four years after the loan was started. I didn't realise the situation with regard to PPI specifically the exclusions around self employment status. The loan is still trundling along now and I would like to know if anyone believes this would substantiate a PPI claim against FP, for the reason above - I dont ever recall being asked around employment status at the time. Any thoughts around this very welcome.
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