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  1. No it did not. If it had and I was caught I would have accepted the fine and paid it. It is looking increasingly likely I may have to do that anyway. I can not tell you on an open forum the reasons why I can not be summoned to court.
  2. He has responded please complete the ticket and the matter willl progress to court or please inform us the identity of the driver which is required by law. I think it is time I got his email and the letter was sent over , is it worth mentioning the offence commited using a camera while in charge of a motor vehicle at this point. I think some proper legislation needs to come into play on the letter its not heavy enough. Due to my work actually ending up in court could be very costly for me as I am in the civil service.
  3. Now that would be funny He has extended the lower fee until friday as it was xmas and I sent his mobile an SMS stating I do not accept the allogations. If he fails to contact me tomorrow I will ask for his email address so I can send across the letter
  4. Yeah I had a read through those, I think he just clicked take a pic. He admitted he took the picture after I had apparently thrown it out the window. If it was that clear he should have followed me into the car park where I was going and issued it to me then.
  5. I have responded to him telling him I dont accept any allegations he has my email lets see what he does next. He may let it drop at this point but the letter is ready to be sent
  6. My responce - While that is clearly a picture of my car there is no evidence of who the driver was as I dont smoke and havent for several years. It is not sufficient to issue the ticket to me as the registered keeper.
  7. He has responded Hi no video evidence , I saw the driver as car right infront of me, photo only of the car after offence, I can send photo if you want?
  8. This is my letter Dear Mr jones,* Please accept this communication as my formal appeal. Please see the points below with reference to my appeal. I note the content of your letter dated 23/12/16. I dispute your CEO's statement for the following reasons: 1. I do not smoke 2. Nobody apart from me drives my car 3. The ceo claims of having had clear and unobstructed view when in fact I gather from his picture that it was raining and his wipers were not operating thus impairing his view. If he had paid the same level of detail and attention when writing the ticket, see p
  9. LOL I am trying to avoid them taking it further. Swansea are well known to go all way with parking fines and penality notices
  10. SO the letter that King kindly wrote isnt suggested? I am confused a little now
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