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  1. Sorry for another out of warranty laptop thread; I've done a search and been doing my best to wade through all the information there but could do with some clarification. I purchased my msi u130 netbook in February 2011, and until very recently it behaved flawlessly and has always been well looked after. However, every second Function key stopped working simultaneously, along with the right hand shift key. More worrying for me is that the wireless connection has also started dropping out for no good reason and so regularly that I've given up trying to use this function and just plug it into the router, but this is obviously no good when I'm at university. It was bought via ebay through Argos, and was sold as a fully functioning refurb which is where I'm getting confused regarding SOGA. So, a few questions if you don't mind: * What are the chances of getting Argos to repair it at their cost? (not bothered about replacement or refund unless unavoidable) * Do they even have any obligation under SOGA due to the fact it was a refurb? * If they do, what is the process? Independent engineers report and the onus on me to prove the fault was inherent? Would this not be tricky to prove after 18 months ownership? * If anybody knows about netbooks here, is it likely to just need a replacement keyboard? I can buy one for £15 - £20 and so it might just be better to "suck it up" and replace that, but I'm loathe to do that if it doesn't fix the problem obviously. * Are Argos normally amenable to solving problems like this with the minimum of fuss, or are they likely to dig their heels in? Any help appreciated.
  2. http://www.bikechatforums.com/viewtopic.php?t=252669&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=0 The above thread will give you all the information, but the basic gist is this: * Person parks up at Lidl in Thornton Heath * Is issued a notice for overstaying * Has CCTV from the Tesco over the road that proves that he hasn't overstayed * Points this out in writing and notice is cancelled * The notice appears to be photoshopped by http://www.athena-parking.com. He has provided a copy of what they sent to him on page 3 of the thread. PPC's on the face of it appear to be sinking to new lows, and this seemed the most relevant forum I'm registered with to share the information.
  3. Cool, thanks for that. I'll have a read through that now. This was a private sale though, so no protection under SOGA I'd imagine.
  4. Bought a Peugeot recently off ebay (private sale), had it HPI'd and that came back clear. Car wasn't in as good condition as described so negotiated some money off and went on my way. Got home, gave it a proper clean and going over and it started to become apparent that it had been involved in a pretty heavy crash on the left hand side; looks like the front and rear wings have been replaced along with a dented front rim and replaced wing mirror glass. In my defence, the way the car was parked in the driveway hid these faults and it drove ok, but ultimately it's my fault for not checking it properly. Wasn't happy, wrote the guy a recorded delivery letter strongly suggesting that he come and pick the car and refund us as the car clearly wasn't as described, which was received on the 8th. Obviously I didn't expect to get anywhere with this but nothing ventured, nothing gained. Anyway, looking at the MOT last night and it didn't look quite right; closer inspection showed the DEC of the expiry date to seem doctored (very nicely, if I'm honest). Checked on the motoinfo site, and the mileage on it tallies up to an MOT that was done last April, not December and my car seemingly doesn't have a valid MOT on it at the moment. It has had a subsequent test apparently according to the site, which I'm assuming was a fail but I can't find out the full details of this test or why it failed off the site. Half was paid by Paypal for the car and half by cash. Obviously, kiddy is getting a phone call a bit later on and I'd like to resolve this in a friendly manner. What else can I do though If I don't get a result? Would the police be interested in a bent MOT or would it still be seen as a civil matter? Sorry for the long post.
  5. Hi all, I was chatting to my sister earlier and she mentioned she got a ticket from these leeches about a month ago. Unfortunately, she paid it as she didn't know any different. Is it possible to get the money that she paid back through a small claims action, or is it too late now? Many thanks.
  6. Can do - obviously my circumstances were different to yours, but the main things you want to put in your letter are that it was a one off, make no excuses, ask if you can pay any of their admin costs to date, explain the consequences of a conviction to your life and emphasise that you'll never do it again. PM's on the way in a few minutes...
  7. No, I listened to the advice off the guys on here - calm down, you're making me nervous
  8. Unless you're a massively habitual offender, the way I understand it is that there's no chance you'll go to prison. And there's a good chance you'll avoid the conviction if it's a first offence. Did you read my thread "I will freely admit I'm an idiot" - that should set your mind at ease a bit.
  9. Paul, don't panic. Whilst you have certainly .., and they are legally within their rights to take you to the Magistrate Court, there are ways around this. Have a read through the threads on here, have a look at the thread I made on the first page. From what I can tell from your post, I did something far more stupid than you and managed to settle out of court for 35 quid though I'm under no illusion that I got extremely lucky when it came to that particular figure. Point is, it won't necessarily go to court. I'm also happy to pm you a copy of the letter that I sent to Southern after I got the Notice of Intention to prosecute letter - it was the same as yours. Try and relax, things aren't as bad as they may seem.
  10. Don't mind you saying at all - I know I was very lucky. Can only think that it was a combination of following the advice of those that know from here to the letter, and the fact that it was a first offence. Suspect the fact that I'd bought a ticket a couple of hours later for the journey I took and enclosed it with the (long letter) I sent also helped matters. I was a bit shocked when I saw the settlement amount and mightily relieved also - I'm skint currrently, irrespective of that debacle!
  11. I don't know what was said on their statements, but on my statement it was mentioned twice. The first time I responded "So you say", the 2nd time I responded "No comment." I also referred to it in my letter and said how stupid I'd been for doing so. Counting the blessings either way...
  12. (1) Unfortunately it was your error, not theirs. And they hear that kind of excuse constantly. That's not to say that it will definitely go to court. I don't want to sound harsh, I'm just relaying the facts as I understand them. (2) I got extremely lucky. I sent them a two page letter in response to the letter that they sent me with the notice of intention to prosecute - the letter contained no excuses, I explained the consequences of a conviction to my career and asked that in this instance, as it was a one off, if they would consider allowing me to pay a penalty fare and their administration costs. Though they didn't have to do this, on this occasion I got lucky. (3) I have no idea, sorry. All I can suggest is follow advice given to you by the more experienced members of this forum.
  13. The Conclusion I am the luckiest boy on this planet. I sent my letter via Recorded Delivery in the end, addressed directly to the person who sent me the NIP. They responded today, saying that on this occasion that they were willing to accept a payment of £35 in full and final settlement, which I've just paid over the phone. So, no conviction and a much lower settlement than I anticipated - a second relief as I'm pretty much skint currently- law text books are expensive! A good result, and I've learned my lesson; I don't think I'll walk within five feet of a station again without a ticket And the good result couldn't have been achieved without the help of you guys one here - so thank you all. I'll be making a donation to the site when I next get paid. Cheers.
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