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  1. Thanks for that Surfer01, I shall email them now and follow with a letter.All I want is my pups correct paper work.
  2. Hi Surfer01 I have contacted the Kennel Club twice now, even though they have issued the breeder with papers, the breeder is not a member of there Assured Breeder Scheme and they say they are unable to contact her.
  3. Hi There, I am hoping that someone on the forum can help me. I would like to know if the sale of goods act covers puppies. I have recently bought a male puppy from a breeder that is supposed to be kennel club registered. When I collected my pup the breeder said she would send on the papers to me once they had arrived. I had to email the breeder almost weekly to ask for the papers and when they did arrive they were for a different female dog. I have been in contact again and the breeder has said there are no papers left. I contacted the kennel club to see if they could help but
  4. HELP!!!! IS a mis- sold lease actually enforceable ?????
  5. Do you have any debt with GE money or other loans as Lewis Group buy old debts from other companies. Have been here myself
  6. Hi Locutus, many thanks for your reply. The Ombudsman have asked for the lease to be cancelled and the phone system removed but, the costs to do this go over the maximum payout they can award. They found discrepancies in the paper work, dates and signatures ect and we were not provided with information at point of sale ect ect. I am confused as to why after being found to have mis-sold the service and the lease the telecoms company are still leaving me liable for the 7 year lease . I am worried that if I do not accept the decision as a full and final settlement I will be out on my own.
  7. Hi I have not been on here for a while, but could really do with some advice. I will not drag out the whole tale. I have recently been mis sold a telecoms lease. Thankfully I took my complaint to the Ombudsman and they have found in my favour. The problem is the Ombudsman can only award me £ 5000.00. and to get out of the 7 year lease it is going to cost more like £ 7 to 8000. The Ombudsman has given me 28 days to except there offer but have also stated I should be put back into the position I was in before the mis selling took place, but they cannot do this as it is over the £ 5000 limit
  8. Hi Shadow does that mean I can not go for a set aside. I have written to the court asking for permission to view and copy all docs relating to my case as I did not have any copies. It has gone up to be approved by a judge at the moment. Surely CL should not have written to me saying they would not enforce while my requests were outstanding and then go ahead and take me to court ???
  9. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?305348-Help-just-lost-in-court-to-CL-Finance-Howard-Cohen&p=3411803&highlight=#post3411803
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