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  1. Can one of the mods please explain why my post was removed? Here is an exact copy of that post which has even been quoted above. It was neither offensive or problematic. It was in response to another poster who claimed that it is illegal to use a blue badge unless the holder is present. That post is still there, yet my perfectly sensible post was deleted? If you mods carry on deleting good information popsted by me, I will just not bother. Here is the wording you chose to remove: Incorrect. Please get your 'facts' right. If My wife parks my car and displays my blue badge whilst collecting me from a place, she can indeed display my badge. The display of the badge MUST be for the direct benefit of the BB holder. She cannot however park, display my badge, go and get me, park me further down the road near the kerb and then bring the car to me. Provided I either enter or leave the car whilst the BB is being used, then no offence is committed. Equally, I cannot park and display the badge, stay in the car and someone else exits the car even for my benefit - ie the chemist scenario above. As there would be no actual reason why I should use the BB badge, but could park in the next street or a multi story car park and that person is capable of walking to do the errund.
  2. Obviously. And it won't be long before someone else comes along and posts 'The engine made a terrible noise, but the salesman assured me it was ok - so I bought it. And now it is all broken. boo hoo. What should I do?' Well, my advise would be walk.
  3. Dragons Dennis

    Tax Fine

    Correct. In court you are deemed to be telling the truth unlesss there is proof that you are not. The case is brought by the prosecution and it is THEIR job to prove their case. They say you did not notify them. You say you did. It is THEIR job to prove that you did not post the V5c, something that they simply cannot do. Of course, it helps if you have a proof of posting, but there is no law that say you must. You could equally have filmed the event on video, had a policeman watch you do it or have 36 independant witness who all say you did so. None of which is REQUIRED. What is required is that you notify DVLA of the sale/transfer by sending the completed V5c to DVLA and the only two ways to do so is to hand it in personally at either their headquarters in Swansea or a local DVLA office, or to post. Once posted, your duty is complete. As I have said many times, it does not matter if they actually get it. You posted it and that is all that matters. You could have a proof of posting and they still don't receive it. You have still done what the law requires.
  4. I don't want to fall out with you Crem. There is a significant dfifference between someone who directly effects disabled people and one who parks on a yellow line and gets a ticket, or takes a loading bay causing a van driver to walk further. We are talking about people in wheelchairs who should not be dierctly inconvenieced by thoughtless or deliberate abuse of parking or blue badges. Many times I have been unable to cross the road in my chair at a dropped kerb, because someone has parked across the dropped kerb on the other side. I have been unable to proceed along a footpath because of someone parked half on it, who when I asked if they could move the car told me to go around on the road. Park the car on the footpath and I will take a wheelchair into the road???? I do not have any fondness or admiration for people who park on yellow lines, but I do like to see the parking regulations used correctly and if the signage or markings are incorrect, then it is wrong to make that person pay for a ticket that has no validity. However, as you will have noticed, I have very strong views on disability. Not just because I am now disabled myself, but because I used to actively camppaign for disability rights long before I got my illness. I apologise if I offended. Wasn't intended.
  5. Blue badge brigade? Does the fact that I am disabled and highly object to the sheer number of people who 'accidentally' forget they are not disabled when using a blue badge make me a blue badge brigade member? Do you have something against disabled people then Crem? Let us all just forget it. Oh, and lets forget drunk drivers, speeding, vandalism and theft whilst we are at it. I am sure the drunks forgot they had been drinking, the speeders made a mistake as they killed a child at 60mph in a 30 and the thieves accidentally took someone elses belongings. The OP deliberitely used a blue badge which tells the world that a disabled peson needed to park there at that time, but they didn't did they. Just another selfish or ignorant driver who got caught and I say again, I hope they throw the book at them.
  6. Can we not get a special site set up just for Ed999's war & peace length contributions. My organisation believes in knowledge-based organisational matrix approaches. We need a more contemporary reimagining of our quality monitored innovation. It's time to revamp and reboot our responsive monitored capability. Our exploratory research points to total organisational alignment. It is a tricky problem to find the particular calibration in timing that would be appropriate to stem the acceleration in risk premiums created by falling incomes without prematurely aborting the decline in the inflation-generated risk premiums. Where the combined value of the above payments before actual assimilation remains greater than the combined value of the payments after assimilation, the former level of pay will be protected. These protection arrangements apply to the combined value of payments before and after assimilation, not to individual pay components, excepting the provision relating to retention of existing on-call arrangements. None of the above paragraph means anything either, just a load of BS gobledegook. Can I join the fan club or shall I just get a life?
  7. Dragons Dennis

    Tax Fine

    No it doesn't happen. A debt collector is NOT a bailiff and has no powers whatsoever. They rely on peoples lack of knowledge to bully them into paying. You owe DVLA nothing. you have explained that and they have dug their heels in as they always do, so now you have to wait for the court summons and go and explain it exactly the same way to a magistrate. DVLA will try to suggest that you have to prove they received it, but you do not. The law is clear. You must send the V5 to DVLA. You di and that is that. The interpretation act says that once a correctly addressed and stamped letter enters the Royal Mail system, it becomes the property of the recepient. Your legal obligation is complete. DVLA will also try suggest that you should have contacted when you didn't receive a confirmation letter, but that is their internal policy and not law. I say again, you have fulfilled your legal duty and you owe them nothing. Your mate can do whatever he wants. Tax it, not tax it, Sorn it, not sorn it, eat it with some chips. None of which is your concern at all.
  8. Unless your Father in laws policy was cancelled - perhaps you are the main user, but for the sake of cheaper insurance had you put on as a named driver which is extremely common and usually ends in tears, then your insurer MUST deal with it. It doesn't mean they must pay out, but they MUST deal with it.
  9. So, you have had the car for a year and have so much money in the bank that you didn't notice you were not making payments - if so, why did you need finance. If not, did you just hope they would never notice? Nobody is going to convince me that they were unaware that car finance payments were not being made for an entire year! Yes, they can repossess the car because a) it isn't yours and b) you haven't paid for it. The V5 simply says who is keeping the vehicle, and not who the owner is.
  10. Yes, you were 100% wrong. There was no reason at all for YOU to use the blue badge as you are capable of walking to the chemist. The blue badge could and should have been siezed. You were wrong and at risk of further prosecution for refusing to surrender the badge. However, the CEO was commiting an offence by opening your car door and grabbing hold of you. Your grandad can expect at least a letter/visit regarding allowing someone else to use the badge and you will almost certainly and rightly be prosecuted for using it. Do you think it is right that a wheelchair user should park further away just because you were on an errund? I hope they throw the book at you!
  11. First thing I would suggest is doing an HPi check on your car. DON'T pay the Hpi asking price of £39.95, shop around online and you will find places like mycarcheck that do it for £3.95. That will show if your car is actually on the register. If not, get back on to DVLA. If it is, not a big problem. You need to have a VIC check done. That is simply to confirm that the car is the car that you think it is, they check chassis numbers etc. Takes 20 minutes, costs about £40 IIRC and generates a new V5c automatically. You can legally drive your car there and back IF it has a current moT. You do not need to be taxed, but MUST be insured. You prebook. Takes about a week to get an appointment. They are VERY helpful. See Vosa website for more info. HTH
  12. Yep. Ignore as I advised earlier. If you ever get tempted to repsond to them, DON'T!
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