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  1. Thanks for the prompt replies. I live in a block of flats so I presume the dish is communal. The only alteration I'm aware of is about 6 months ago, the building upgraded to Sky Q so there were some changes to the main dish. I know once this happened, a large number of residents had problems with their signal, however, after contacting the property management, nobody has reported anything recently so it seems to be a problem on mine only. I may give them a call tomorrow and cancel. I have been dealing with their text message service over the last few days and it has been shocking. Maybe a call is necessary, I just don't want to be charged a cancellation fee as I feel it is their fault and they aren't providing the service I'm paying for. Unfortunately the dish is not accessible to me.
  2. Hi I have had a Sky subscription for the last 5 years and just recently I am experiencing some satellite signal issues on certain channels. The picture just glitches and I receive an error message stating 'no satellite signal received.' When checking the signal strength and signal quality in my sky settings, the bar is virtually at zero. I have contacted Sky about this and they have notified me that I will need to pay £30 for an engineer to come out because my box is out of warranty. I advised the customer services that it has nothing to do with the box and it is clearly a satellite signal issue. (I went through all the troubleshooting, replaced every single cable etc) I wanted the engineer visit to be complementary as I am effectively paying a subscription for something that doesn't work properly. Unfortunately the Sky advisors I spoke to just responded like robots with generic responses that didn't help and the bottom line was that I had to pay a call out fee. Part of me now wants to cancel and move to an alternative provider as I think it is poor that I am paying a hefty monthly subscription whereby half the channels don't even work and the only way they can attempt to resolve the signal problems is for me to pay yet more money for an engineer. Surely they are in breach of the contract. I think I only have 2 months left on my contract. Would I have the right to cancel this without being charged a cancellation fee based on the circumstances? I would be interested if anybody has had any experience in a similar scenario. I completely agree that if for example my box was damaged then it would be the responsibility of the customer, but when the signal sky are providing is of poor quality, surely the onus is on them to fix this as per the service I pay? Thanks in advance.
  3. This matter has been resolved and i have recieved the full £169. Thanks again to Lee for sorting this. The vodafone customer service was an absolute disgrace but im glad i found this site that sorted it out pretty promptly
  4. i hope so because he seemed very determined but as i haven't heard from him for 3 days and not recieved a reply from any of my last 2 emails, i felt i should post an update.
  5. I am disappointed to say that the matter has not been resolved. I have been emailing Lee, (vodafone company rep) for the last month now and was assured that he will get me my £169 refund. In 2 of his emails, he said that he has contacted some department and that i will recieve the money within 3-5 working days. He let me down. Now, i have asked for some advice on what i can do now as his approach has clearly not worked. He has ignored my last 2 emails. I have also emailed the online logistics team of vodafone and am just getting the same replys of..."we are working on getting it sorted" etc. I have tried nearly everything, and am getting very concerned now. Does anybody have any advice of how i can go about getting this money back. Surely this is fraud? Please get back to me guys
  6. Probably my worst ever experience with a phone network. I purchased the iPhone 4 online with vodafone for £169 which turned out to be faulty with no signal whatsoever. It took me over a month to finally get in touch with Vodafone's customer service team who agreed to refund me the initial £169 for the handset and the first 2 months line rental (£35). I spoke to several managers over the phone, one which i recorded his reference number and name who arranged for a courier to pick my phone up and the refund would be in my account within 7-10 working days. This didnt happen. My phone was sent back on the 9th september, i have been ringing there disgraceful customer services for the last fortnight where i get transferred all over the place. I have then emailed their online logistics which appears to be the correct department. Unfortunately, this is pretty much the same email i have been sent 3 times in the last 14 days: "Dear Customer, Please accept my apologies for all the inconvenience but to trace your query I need to look into where the parcel has ended up." I have the original delievery certificate of where the parcel was sent to and have told them several times but just get ignored. In my latest email to them, i asked who i should contact to make a complaint as i believe it is fraudulent activity, so i wanted to write a complaint to the correct department and threaten legal action, but they seem to ignore this. Can anyone help, and perhaps advice me what i should do. Perhaps if you know an address i should write to. Sorry for the long post, that is as much as i could summarise it, there is so much i have missed out.
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