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  1. I have had a contract with 3 for a while now, I upgraded to the new Iphone 4 at the start of October, they said I would recieve the iPhone today, and I would get a text message from DPD with the delivery time. I rang 3 about half an hour ago and they said it is scheduled for delivery today, however they have not recieved any iPhone 4 stock from Apple. I asked when they would recieve it, the man didn't know. I said would it be soon, he said it could he anything up to 6 months! In the mean time I am paying for something I cannot use and I said I would like something knocking off my bill to compensate for paying for a bill for a phone I do not actualy have and he said no. Any advice, what do i do?
  2. I while back I took out a contract with BT mobile costing £45 per month. The phone they sent me packed up after 2 months! BT sent a courier to exchange the phone and they sent me a better phone than I took out, they after 2 weeks, this packed in, after about 10 other replacement handsets I got fed up! Some of the faults were the microphone stopped working, signal failure, just wont turn on, wont charge, etc. Then I got another one 3 weeks ago and its now started harassing my entire contact list! It doesnt show anything on the screen - apart from the home screen. Even when the sim card out and battery out the phone still calls my contacts? How is this possible? BT have replaced my sim card and phone yet again but it still calls all my contacts... though nothing is showing on the bill and BT are saying there is no usage? Im totally baffled and what can I do? It even leaves voicemails and calls my staff and various other numbers that are saved in my contact list? Please advise
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