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  1. Try and keep her feeling upbeat as time goes on, this should automatically happen when a person is feeling very down. It would be good to ensure that in the initial stages she is given all the support she needs and more. Being around enough to help will certainly be a great aid not only keeping an eye on her, but also to offer some practical help like shopping etc. How is her mental state today than that when she first so down? Is she paranoid over nothing do you think? As KK mentioned, the DWP would not be going to go guns blazing over two weeks work. I would be of the same m
  2. This lady clearly needs professional help and I would be the first to speak to her doc. Hoping you are going to this. Best Regards
  3. Thanks to all whom have responded to my questions. This site is absolutely amazingly full of nice people. I really appreciate good company Best SS
  4. Louie, I tried to pm you but got a message telling me that you have no space left to receive pm's. Just thought I'd let you know in case you were unaware of it. Best SS
  5. I have just read that after I have posted 5 times I can use the pm facility. I expect that may be the case for receiving pm's too. Thanks all. This is a great forum that I have found. Best wishes to all xx SS
  6. Thanks for your replies. I would like to be able to send a pm but as I'm new I'm not allowed to yet. Thank you all whom have responded to my plight. Any further suggestions would be more than welcome. Best SS
  7. Thanks for your replies, I am better than I was initially, and because my condition fluctuates it is hard for me to say exactly what tomorrow holds. However, I can do more now than when I first became ill. I would really appreciate it if anyone knew the answer to my original post as I feel a little stuck. I would be most grateful for any informed response. Kind Regards SS
  8. Yes I am aware that I can stay on this benefit for a while longer, but have a good work gap that will close shortly if I don't take it up hence my original question. Many thanks for your kind reply Nicolee. Simmo
  9. Hello, I am new to the site and have read some great info here before signing up I am on DLA at HRC and LRM and receive IB. My wife is my carer. If we give up all these benefits at once is it likely to raise eyebrows with the dwp? It seems that in today's world all they want to do is hunt us down, am I right or paranoid? Kind Regards and Hello to all. sillysimmo
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