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  1. Just an update to this thread - I have received 2 separate letters from NatWest regarding my CCA request. One looks like a correct version of the CCA for my loan and other is detailing my overdraft. What would you suggest my next step is regarding this? Dreadnought
  2. This is my second time on JSA and it all seems to have changed! Previously I was required to attend the Jobcentre once a fortnight to sign on and I was getting paid with the same time frame. However, in this new claim I am being asked to attend every week, and getting paid every week! It wouldn't bother me other than I have to travel to the Jobcentre on public transport that costs ~£5 each time I go. In my previous claim, if I had to go every week for any reason, I would receive the money back on the days where I didn't sign on. This isn't happening this time as I have to sign every
  3. Thank you Revenant, that was an interesting read and quite informative - I get the impression that regardless of the legislation and law, that they think they can do whatever they want. I have sent the letter as detailed above and will wait for their response. Not that I expect them to comply with the request. Once the deadline has passed, I will send the account in dispute letter, mentioning that I will not enter into further communication with them until they have provided the information - again not I expect them to comply with that either! Dreadnought
  4. Thank you for your responses. Harrassed Senior, that is the letter I have decided to send back to them, as I was browsing other threads and found that letter. It seems, though, that even after that they will still try to get you to sign a letter. I will be sticking to my guns though as I am certain no agreement exists that covers both accounts together. Dreadnought
  5. Since my CCA request I have received a letter from BC saying that he has referred the matter to OC until he receives new instructions and he has placed my account on hold. I have also now received a letter from NatWest saying in order to comply with my CCA request they require a signature for data protection. They have also attached what looks like a photocopy of my request that has both of my account numbers (ie for the loan and overdraft written on the top). What would you suggest I do now? As far as I know, you don't need to sign the request for it to be valid. I kind of think they may
  6. OK, I think I understand a bit better now. As far as the CCA request is concerned, this is the first time I have ever requested it and only after the final notice was received (he only received the request this morning). Do you think it would be worth writing to him to ask for the breakdown of debt and how he has calculated the total balance? Thank you for the advice you have given me so far! Dreadnought
  7. I will say that I have never been chased for either the loan or the overdraft separately - and in fact the only time it was ever mentioned separately was the with the first DCA, who were still asking for the combined amount. Now I'm confused as what to do This has turned somewhat very confusing Dreadnought
  8. Now I'm really confused!! So my CCA request was pointless as there isn't one that covers the amount asking to be repaid? Is this a full defense if it ever got to the court stage? Dreadnought
  9. I have never signed a new agreement to combine the two together, so does that mean unless he splits them into separate claims he would be unable to enforce it? I would like some clarification on how this affects my particular situation. Thank you Dreadnought
  10. how so? I assumed that as these were with the same bank it wouldn't matter. Firstly my overdraft was taken out in late 2004 and the last payment in would have been around June 2009. My loan was taken out in Feb 2008 and the last payment was made around the same time as above. Dreadnought
  11. Now, I have read a lot of information on this website regarding Bryan Carter, so have some knowledge on what to expect from him. He has sent me a Final Notice, identical in wording to other notices that have been posted here, for a combined debt of ~£3500 (an overdraft and personal loan taken out with the same bank). Previous to this I had received letters from a variety of DCAs but had ignored them. I know this wasn't the smartest thing to do, but I have to admit I was intimidated and didn't know what to do and, to borrow a cliche, stuck my head in the sand. Eventually, my account w
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