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  1. Hi, the whole credit card thing confuses me, I went through my statements last night, my interest rate at the time was 15.9%, every month I was getting charges of around £15 in interest. Can I claim that back as well as my late payment charges?? Can anyone help? Cheers:?
  2. nagumos

    I Won

    Natwest finally folded this morning !!!!!! THankyou everyone, as soon as I have banked:D the Chq I will happliy donate:D
  3. Hi there, I got exactly the same letter off Cobbetts, its a standard letter they bosh out just to try and intimidate you. I replied with a letter stating that I did not need to fill in the CPR 18 and that I had made the courts aware that they have had all the information that was required. I actually had to post information 3 times to them as they kept on claiming that they had not received it. Stick to your guns !! Good Luck:p
  4. nagumos


    Michael, you are fantastic !! I will post that letter in the morning, they are so devious, its beyond words. Obviously they are giving this "goodwill gesture" just before christmas-how conveinient for them, they must think we are fools. Anyway thankyou so much (again) and I will keepo you posted.... Valdarih x:)
  5. nagumos


    Hi just got a letter from Cobbetts saying that they are refering to another letter that I was apparently meant to receive last month ! hummm Anyway it says that "you issused your claim on the 7th September 2006, and you are therefore only legally entitled to claim between the periods 7 September 2000 to 7 September 2006. As such, the first five entries are irrecoverable" What are these people on? I issued my claim in June, I have a court date for the 15th March !! But as a "Goodwill gesture we offer you x amount, this goodwill payment will be full and final settlement of your claim. hahaha joke right ? I dont understand where they are getting these September dates from, do I just send a letter saying thanks but no thanks and suggest that they get there dates up to speed?? Any advice would be fab:?
  6. nagumos


    Thanks, thats reasurring, they have messed me around for some time now, its giving ma a headache, one more question, i got charged alot of money last week though no fault of mine, natwest are lying to me now, can i start a new claim for this money?
  7. nagumos


    Hi how long does it take til you actually get a court date, I posted my 4rd letter to cobbetts the week before last and as yet I have heard nothing, im getting really worried now:confused:
  8. nagumos


    Hi, I think Natwest are totally messing me about now, in the past week they have charged me £104 in fees, even though the money was put in the account in cash on the day a D/D was due. In the past I have been told by staff from natwest that is fine as long as the money is there. Now they are telling me that they have never ever argreed the this and that I am lying, even though i have proff from my statements. The guy i spoke with kept banging on about me taking out a loan to cover my overdraft and that he is only trying to help me-yeah right !! So now I am well over my overdraft, I am so fed up with this, I have sent Cobbetts 3 letters with a schedule of my charges !!!!! They are vertainly messing me about with this claim. Do I now send a letter to natwest with a list of these new charges and start a new claim ??
  9. You little Dancer. !!!!! WELL DONE, CONGRATULATIONS:D
  10. Hi there, Im not sure, I did MCOL it was allocated to the court in Nottingham, then after a few weeks it was allocated to the town that I live in, sorry i cant help any further:p
  11. Hi there, Im at the same stage as you, well a little ahead, but they have sent me the same BS even though i have posted twice the breakdowns. Cobbetts have submitted there AQ this morning to the courts with a typed message in "other info" stating that they have not received the relevant info. I rang the courts this morning and basically asked her advice, she found my case and actually offered to re-send the letter for me. She advised to send another breakdown of the charges with another covering letter, which i have done !! Just resend it, recorded delivery so that you have proof, I think this is another stalling tactic, very annoying I know, but we cant let then grind us down. Good luck and I will look out for your threads:p
  12. nagumos


    Hi, just received cobbetts AQ in the other information they have written "Case management directions cannot be proposed until the claimant serves a reply to the request for further information which was due on the 24th. In light of this, the defendant may amend its defence or apply to strike out" I have proof that the letters arrived on the 16th and the 18th of October, why are they claiming that they have not recieved them?? Any help anyone:confused:
  13. nagumos


    Hi I have just checked on track and trace and they have been delivered, should I ring Cobbetts and inform them of this? Or should I just resend, Im going to ring the court tomorrow and ask if they have filed there defence:mad:
  14. nagumos


    Thanks, I did put a letter like that in with the second lot of chages I sent them, also today is the last day that they can submit there defence to the court. I also put the letter that I had sent them in with my AQ just to make sure that the courts were aware that they were trying to make out they did not have the correrspondence:x
  15. nagumos


    Hi, no the letters say "our client cannot properly defend a claim where you have not given the details of each charge you claim is disproportionate and unreasonable" But they have had the charges twice sent by recorded delivery, I just find it a bit strange that they send me the same letter weeks apart with the same date on it.
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