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  1. hi there good luck with your claim,im just about to start my claim now can i ask do you have to add interest cos i aint got the time to work it out as im so busy so i was going to leave it but didnt know if i had to add it on or not
  2. just a quick update a just about ready to file a claim online against a+l as they say charges are lawful and all that best £120 im gunna spend in a long time im nervous though but claiming £2570 as they have charged me again another 100.00 so adding that on too now wish me luck will let you know my claim number as soon as i know
  3. Just A Quick 1 Ive Found Money Claim On Line Anything Over 1500.00 You Have To Pay 120.00 For Claim Is That Right And If I Do It On Line Do I Still Need To Take 3 Copies To County Court As It Says They Do It All On Line But It Isnt A Templated Letter It Just Asks You For Basics As Ive Just Had A Look At It,OH YEAH AND GOOD LUCK
  4. hi there ive done all that the same as you but when i sent lba for my claim of 2460 without 8% interest i cnt be bothered with adding that on so i didnt bother after 5 days of sending that i received a letter saying they are sticking to there 1st decision and said about the ofts and all that then said sorry if im still dissapointed but they are 1 of the top banks and all that so do i go ahead with starting court proceedings on the 14th day or do i just give in as i dnt know if they will do owt cos they are adoment can you help hehe and if i go ahead with proceedings how do i start thanx
  5. ive also received that exact letter im glad im not the only 1 im still sending letter b4 court action though
  6. hello there ive received my statements now going in for the kill £2470 im claiming it all back,wish me luck
  7. i sent mine to mal boyes at alliance and leicester at bootle liverpool gir 0aa and made cheque payable to a+l crossed payee only -good luck
  8. well now im just sitting back and waiting hehe,when my statments come can any1 tell me wot im claiming for,am i claiming for everything or everything but monthly charges of £25.00,thats made when they pay a cheque or dd ,they charge me 25.00 for dd and 34.00 for paid cheque also 25.00 on 25th of the following month(im sure there allowed that charge though)as they write and tell you and give you notice of it coming out,cnt wait to get them back,but im scared aswell hehe:)
  9. how many pages long were the forms you had to fill in from a+l i called them yesterday they said they will send me a pack out and debit my account with the £10 so i dnt know whether to wait for that or get my own dpa sent recorded
  10. good luck with it,im still waiting for mine only just sent it though,how long did it take them to send yours out to you
  11. sent dpa with £10 which i wont miss,as i ll get it back hopefully tnx guys though for support
  12. tnx hilary and paul really appreciate your help i will def be resending another letter with my £10 and take your advice
  13. where did you get the template letters from,your more confident than me,ive sent my own letter but waiting,didnt send £10 so def wnt get my list of charges without that will I,wish you all the luck you need
  14. ive got two other accounts that are free at the moment with other banks i may sound thick but what is a dpa ,Idont want statements just charges,do they still charge £10 for that,i didnt know,where will i find info on dpa:confused:
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