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  1. Over the holidays i received a response to my complaint with orange basically stating that they do not feel that the rise is of material detriment and they will not release me from my contract. I have since fired off an email to the executive office as the response did not include anything in regard to my 4.3.1 clause point and they have failed to return my calls etc over the period.Ill update you with a response (if they bother).
  2. cragglemiester


    I have used mazuma twice for my old iphones and both times got what was specified on the website and money was in my account within 3 days, I have also used fonebank for a broken iphone and again got the price on the website.I may however just be one of the lucky ones.
  3. OK some small newsHad a call from Orange,They advised that they are currently working with Ofcom and Cicas to ascertain as to whether the price rise is,a) of material detriment (all affected can cancel)b) can be of material detriment (some can cancel following proof of material detriment)c) not of material detriment (no-one can cancel)i raised my CSO closure pioint (see previous posts) and was told i was ABSOLUTELY RIGHT, however he would seek clarification from his legal department (any loopholes they can use) and call me back by the end of the week to clarify this matter.AS before i will of course keep you all updated.
  4. Still nothing back from Orange on this yet,few updates however.,The ONS have confirmed that the CSO are no longer in existence as of 1996 and also as of Aug 2011 they will no longer be issueing RPI figures at all so at some point orange will have to amend their t&c's. Whether they do this via new contracts ongoing or as a blanket amendment who know but this wont be a point of release from your contract as it wont be to anyones detriment other than theirs. Unless however they replace it with another claus but that will need to be assesed at the time.Ofcom have stated that they wont be investigating the price increase from Orange but this contradicts their own guildlines for fair contracts so thats another point.Anyone else have anything to add on the matter, experiences etc...
  5. Well, the contract states that can raise the plan prices without offering the option to release you from your contract as long as the raise is less than the RPI issued within the last 12 months from the CSO.The CSO has not issued any figures since 1996 as they merged with another department to form the ONS.The wording in the contract does not state that they may use figure issued from any subsequent bodies / departments therefore in my eyes, 4.3.1 is void as the CSO no longer exists.Orange are getting the legal team to investigate.
  6. Thought i'd chip in my experiences, I phoned Orange to advise i wanted to be released without penalty due to the price increase and was told this was within the terms and conditions.I advised that the department / organisation stated within the terms and conditions (4.3.1) is no longer open as they merged with another department to form the ONS in 1996. Nowhere in the terms does it stated that they may use figures released from subsequent bodies and therfore 4.3.1 is no loger applicable.They are now getting their legal team to investigate this and will be issueing a written response to my request within 14 days.I will of course update you guys on the reply.
  7. i can afford it - but the issue is that they wont allow me too, they state i now have to pay £225 ongoing:sad:
  8. hi there thank you for the prompt reply, I get an annual statement for the loan. I increased it to cover the arrears that i had but did not agree to altering the terms of the agreement indefinately. It was merely a decision as my finances allow to increase the payment to clear the balance off sooner. However nothing was signed to that effect or indeed ever as it as a phone agreement. I expected the contractual amount to be £146 p/m and whatever i pay extra is exactly that. The terms of the loan state that they can amend the interest rate to reflect the fact that i have left the bank to the standard ex staff rate which they did when i left. there is no mention that they can alter the terms of the agreement to higher repayments as and when they wish. I have been told lots of different things in regards to this agreement and it seems that its a pretty grey area when it comes to staff loans as they are done over the phone rather that with a signed credit agreement. i am not trying to get out of the money that i owe - i borrowed it and i will pay it back however, i dont want to be unfairly treated as i know Barclays are more than capable of.
  9. Hi all, Im new to the site and would like to borrow some of your knowledge. Back in 2006 i took a Barlcays staff loan for 10,000 over 7 years to consolidate some debts and purchase a new car, This was completed over the phone and the money was in my account the next wednesday with a repayment of £123 give or take per month., A year later i left the bank and moved onto another place of work and duely contacted staff loans to inform them. They explained that the total outstanding amount was due for repayment as i was no longer staff. I explained that i did not have the money to do this and they agreed to keep the loan going but informed that the interest rate would increase to 12.5% and my repayments would also reflect this and became £146 and a few pennies. I lost my job a while later and missed 2 months repayments on this loan leaving my account in arrears and set up a plan to repay £225 per month ongoing to clear the arrears and balance quicker to which they were happy with. This month however my car decided it didnt like the radiator it has and killed it leaving me with a £320 bill for a replacement. This has stretched my finances this month so i contacted barclays. I asked barclays to reduce my months payment to £150 for this month (remember the payment is suppossed to be £146) and next month continue at £225 as normal. Barclays stated to me that this was not possible as they had changed the terms on my agreement to £225 p/m and that is what was due. I tried to explain to the guy that this was an arrangement that i had decided to make and was not a contractual amount. He argued otherwise and refused to amend it. Where do i stand on this. Are they allowed to do this? Are staff loans regulated in the same way as consumer loans I have never signed anything for this loan - it was all verbal on the phone.? Thanks in advance
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