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  1. Well, credit to Fasthosts, they finally did give me a call and did admit that there was a problem and agreed to close the account.
  2. If you have a copy of that contract, then I guess you'll need to look at the small-print and see if it allows them to modify the charge... that sounds like a very poor business behaviour and I can understand that you must be very frustrated It doesn't sound right to me that they think they can change the amount they're charging like that... but I'm far from being a legal expert, sorry
  3. Oh boy... So, I tried out a fasthosts hosting package. I use them as a domain registrar, so I already had an account with them. I'm starting a new website and their personal hosting package sounded suitable to get things up and going. Well, it wasn't suitable - their tech support failed to get a web page with one single line of code (literally) working (and that line of code was very simple - if you're running the advertised version of .NET... which they didn't seem to be able to sort out). So, I (foolishly) thought to myself - no problem, I'll just move to a more capable w
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