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  1. I phoned Lloyds last night, they quoted the usual 28 days.
  2. After sending my complaint to the FOS back in January, I finally received a letter from LLoyds TSB dated the 01/08 last Thursday offering a full and final settlement of £2753. This was including 8% interest. The letter stated they would transfer this into my Lloyds current account, how long does it normally take to receive payment?
  3. SAR & CA request with payment sent off this morning, hopefully will hear back from Lloyds in the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll take my complaint to the FOS. Just to clear up this isn't going court, I still haven’t complained directly to the FOS. Thanks to everyone for their advice up to now, much appreciated.
  4. I was sold the policy & card during a financial review meeting in 2003 at my local branch. Think my claim was slightly rushed, in regards to that I failed to send off a SAR request; I didn't have much in the way of the original paperwork. Going to send off my SAR on monday.
  5. I've just recently received a final letter from Lloyds in regards to a PPI claim. Letter stated that I was unsuccessful on the grounds that I did not provide enough evidence to back up my claim. My claim was based around a Lloyds credit card PPI policy that was sold to me during a financial review meeting back in July 2003, during that time I was working less that 16 hours a week in a local pub; having just finished university. I was never informed during the meeting that I wouldn't be covered. Would the next obvious step be the FOS? and in regards to evidence to support my claim, w
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