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  1. Hi, I need some help/advice!! I currently have a mortgage on my home, as well as a couple of secured loans. The mortgage totals 23K, the first secured loan (with the mortgage provider) totals 21K and a second secured loan totals 29K (73K in total). In the current market, I would estimate the value of our home to be in the late 40K early 50K region. We would love to move to a bigger house and were looking at renting a property. We are not bothered about walking away from our current property, but just wondered what the situation would be with regards to the large amount of negative equity we have!!! Obviously we would have to pay this, but would any of the secured lenders allow us to sell and pay off the outstanding amount with an unsecured loan? We surely cannot be the only people in this situation now or in the past. Has anyone any advice? Many thanks.
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