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  1. What is the best way to go about being bankrupt with HMRC. I have a mortgage free flat and the taxman will be coming after me for roughly £20,000. Is it better to go bankrupt with them or go with a friendly trustee. I do not work any more because of ill health and I am completely on benefits. Will I loose my home? I am in Scotland
  2. Sorry to jumpnin here but does anybody know the previous name of PRA before they changed it. Their office s are in Kilmarnock and I just can't remember their previous name. Thank you
  3. Thanks everyone sorry that I haven't replied to you all your questions but here goes, i have a problem with my spine and as so I do not think that i would be able to go back to work and sit for 12 hour shifts (this is why i have a problem with my spine the job caused this problem) I also have inflammatory arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis in my hands, IBS and depression. I definitely don't want someone like me driving them about. I just can't do the job any more and I definitely don't think that anyone would employ me. Also from the time of seeing my doctor it has risen fro
  4. Hi honeybee yes i have tried to claim and their reply is that they will have to wait until after the operation to see if I can do my job. My insurance company is friends life. The operation on my spine could leave me still unable to do my job. I am a taxi driver and all that we do is sit and I can't see me being able to do this even after the operation.. I may loose my house through all of this..Not a happy situation all in. I would appreciate it if you could give me some options so that I will be able to keep my house. Thanks.
  5. Hi everyone, i would like some advice please I have had an insurance policy for 11 years and i am claiming under the permanently disability rule that I can no longer do my job. I have now been informed by the hospital that i will have to wait 55 weeks for my operation which means that it will maybe be February 2018 before i get the operation.. I will then be on the sick for about 14 months with only benefits to keep me going. After the operation I will have 2 months recuperating time and even then I might not be able to go back to work . Is there anything tha
  6. eileen220958


    Thanks I will give it a try on Monday. I am working all weekend. Thanks again.
  7. eileen220958


    Hi could anyone help me, I want to complain about an insolvency practitioner and I have been informed by them that I have to complain to IPA but I cannot find an address to write to them. Can anyone help me thanks
  8. Thanks again we will never tell them who was driving. I really appreciate all of your help and advice. Thanks again.
  9. I am saying fines but that might not be the right wording apparently I parked in the wrong place in the hospital grounds and they sent a letter to pay £30 by 14 days if I didn't pay it in 14 days it was getting doubled. I just ignored the letter and it went away. I never received any more letters. I just wondered if this was the same thing.
  10. Thanks I appreciate you answering my questions. I will just ignore the letter. I just hate giving these people my money when it really wasn't our fault. Thanks again.
  11. Sorry to ask but why? Is there different laws in Scotland. I know that you can ignore the fines at hospitals but I wasn't sure about this one. This is concerning both myself and my partner as we where at a welfare rights officer meeting and she was 1 hour late and that kept us back. But I must say we didn't look at any of the signs.
  12. I have received a letter from Euro car parks for overstaying in a car park. This was in Scotland but the company is an English based company do I have to pay this invoice?
  13. Thank to both of you, I will look at all the sites and hopefully I will get what I need. I really do appreciate all the help that I am getting.
  14. I always thought that there was records in the general domain for anyone to see about previous cases. Am I wrong? How do other people find out about cases. i.e. the papers. I think that the best way for me to fight my trustees is to see if they discharged me. I am sure that they did and if they did surely they cannot open my trust again?
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