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  1. Have received the following reply from Capquest.... We thank you for your recorded delivery correspondence and respond as follows: This account is on hold. What does this mean?
  2. Thank you both for your help, letter will be sent by recorded delivery tomorrow. Will let you know the outcome.
  3. This woman was really unpleasant and pushy, told me my info about statute barred was incorrect and I should research the internet on the subject. When I told her that was where I got my info from she insisted the info was wrong and just went into threats of the upcoming court proceeding and all the extra expenses I would have to pay for the court action because I was liable for them on top of the debt. Also, I have not yet sent letters claiming statute barred to them, should I send the english or the scottish version of the letter to them?
  4. I have bank loans and cc debts from 2000 which I was advised to ignore as I was unable to pay them. I heard nothing from these companies for several years but about 2 years ago suddenly started to receive random letters from various DCA's. These I have also ignored as my situation has not changed significantly. For several months now I have been receiving letters and regular phone calls from HL Legal & Collections who are harrassing me on behalf of Capquest, who bought one of these debts in October 2006. (EGG CC) Two months ago in an attempt to get them to leave me alone and get off t
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