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  1. Hi, thanks again for getting back so quickly. I will start writing letters and let you know how i got on. I feel a bit stupid for not knowing what to do and am very grateful for your advice. Thanks again, cristy
  2. Hi, i must say thanks to you all to getting back to me so quickly. I cancelled my card and tried to close my account but the bank wouldn't let me unless i paid my overdraft back which is £300, so i've had to leave it open for now. I managed to get through the end of the month without wonga etc taking any money. Now the phone calls have started!! I tried speaking to mr Lender and asked if i could set up a payment plan to start getting the loan paid off and they refused! they said i should defer it then next month phone and set one up. I said well you'll just do the same thing next month and jus
  3. Hi i have foolishly fallen into the payday loan pit, by borrowing once i have had to borrow more and more and more to pay or keep up with repayments. I have been offered by a debt management company for them to consolidate the loans and pay them instead over 2 years. This will cost me an extra £1000 in interest/admin fees. Also the first 2 months worth of payments(£200) will be held back by the debt company for what reasons i do not know. Also they have said that after all this wonga, pduk etc may not even comply with them anyway. What do i do? Should i trust the debt company or go direct to t
  4. Hello, please can someone help me out. i have had a few loans from HSBC but no longer have the loan agreements or any documents with ref numbers on etc. How do i get copies of the loan agreements? Do i just write to the bank? Do i have to send money? Please help. Thanks Cristy
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