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  1. I along with 2 other people are beneficiaries of a will, the 3 of us own a half share of a property and the other half is owned by the surviving partner of the deceased. I will refer to the surviving partner as he/she I do not have the will at hand but basically it states that he/she may reside at the premises until such times that he/she either, remarries, cohabits or ceases to occupy it for a period of not less than 6 months. In addition it also grants the he/she has first option to purchase our half share subject to market value. He/she has in the last month remarried fo
  2. Does this also apply to company debts where a personal guarantee was given although there is nothing registered against the company and has since been disolved?
  3. Cerberusalert, Thank you most kindly for your time and sharing your knowledge. You have been very informative.
  4. Thank you again for your reply. I have now checked the register at trustonline.org.uk and checked both my name and company name and neither have anything registered against them. Without any CCJ's against me how does this effect my current status and debt with regards to my inheritance in the UK. Thanks in advance.
  5. Thanks for the reply. If any CCJ's were obtained this would of definitely been done in my absence and whilst living outside of the UK. What if there was not a CCJ made against me?
  6. Having left the UK just over 6 years ago I also left behind a number of debts. During this time I had also married (5 years ago) and changed my name to that of my partner. As I was not resident in the UK there was no need for me to notify any authorities of my name change, only my passport needed to be renewed to show my new name. I have recently had a family member pass away and have heard that I am named in the will (using my new name) to receive some monies. In addition a close family member who was not named in the will claims they know some of my creditors and will inform
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