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  1. Found there website where they refer to legal precendents :- http : // worldwidewb.parkingcontrol.com/legal/ There were signs apparently in the car park, but I have yet to see these myself. Does this change any advice given above?
  2. UK Parking Control Limited. I am at work at the moment and will watch the video tonight. Thanks for the advice so far.
  3. Incidentally the distance parked over the white line is the tyre width, the edge of the inside of the tyre is right next to the left hand side of the white line.
  4. Could you please help me. My wife has received a parking ticket from a private company for parking over the line markings. Whilst we do not dispute the fact that she has parked over the lines there are reasons as to why. As she drove into the space there is to a metal barrier on the drivers side. The car is a hatchback and so has longish doors. The space next to her was empty and then another car was in the next space parked right up to the line. She also had her mother in the car in the passenger seat and two children (one needing a buggy) in the back. She could not p
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