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  1. Thats exactly what I'm getting at - the original default will be 6 years old, however only last month they reported a D status on the account, dated August 2010...so this is a D with August 2010 next to it... Will all of these default payment statuses dissapear when the default reaches 6 years old? Thx Jut
  2. Hi Guys, Hope you are all well, and I must say fantastic site, really great contributions! This is my first of hopefully many posts! I have 4, unpaid defaults on my credit file that will become 6 years old in the next 12 months. As expected, I have a very low credit score because of this. I was wondering if anyone had personal experience of defaults dissapearing from your credit files once they have reached their 6-year age. Taking my Call Credit file as an example, this shows that Lloyds TSB are reporting a default status every month still, hence "carrying" the default on. It
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