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  1. Do not set up a direct debit with them. They will just go in and take whatever they like. Either set up a standing order which you control (they control the direct debit payments from their end) or just take cash into the bank and pay it into their account making sure the bank clerk puts on your customer reference and you save all receipts. Good luck, just remember you only pay what you can afford, and as long as you are in control of the payments, there is nothing they can do about it.
  2. Oh, I see. Well I don't really know what to think but it's very strange and I am worried that they have all my personal details.
  3. I've just found a whole lot of stuff about this so called company. Google the phone number 02088199824 which is similar to the one I rang. It's the same company, telling people the same thing and making people ill. I think it's a [problem]. What do you think?
  4. Right, I have a few debts and have some outstanding payday loans which at the moment I am not dealing with yet as I have priority debts to sort out first. However, today I had a phone call on my home phone from a company asking for my solicitors address. I said I don't have a solicitor and what do you want. He said a company called I.M.S which own 190 loan websites had brought charges against me and that I am charged with fraud, money laundering, deception and theft. He said these charges are because I have made no effort to pay the loan back. I explained my situation and he said if I pay £50 today he can delay the court action and I can pay it off over 2 months. I could not pay so he said, you will receive the papers tomorrow and I can not help you further. He hung up. I then googled I.M.S he said it was ( Integrated money solutions) I can't find anything. I googled their contact number 02088199746 can't find anything about that either. I rang it back, got the same guy and who was the company who is prosecuting me and when was the loan taken out. He said he can't tell me and it will all be in the paperwork. This seems very strange to me. If I am being accused of all of these things, wouldn't I have been arrested? He says I need to have a solicitor to represent me in front of the judge and jury! Also he says my current balance is 248.00 and when it goes to court it will be 1200.00. If I can not pay it in full after court, I will be put on probation and then deductions will be taken from any income I have. Please can someone tell me what the heck in going on here. I thought it might be a [problem] but he knew my email address, home number, name etc. I am now shaking with worry that I will be going to prison for fraud. I told him I have not commited any crime and that I am in financial difficulty. He wasn't interested. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!
  5. Hi, When I ordered my items from BAYV, the salesman that came to my home said that if I purchased the service cover it would cover me for damage, loss etc. I said I don't need that as I have contents insurance. He said yes but it also means that if you ever decide to send an item back for any reason ie: change your mind, struggle financially etc then you can send it back with nothing else to pay. You can not do this without having the service cover. Is this true? As I am considering sending an item back but don't want to send it back and then be billed for the outstanding balance. If it is not true, then I want to know why I was lied to and mis sold this cover. I have looked through my agreements and it does not state anywhere that I may return an item with nothing else to pay.
  6. UPDATE I received the information today. However, I am confused so could do with some advice please. They have sent copies of the agreements. One of them is for the very first item I had from them and it is an exact copy of the original signed agreementl. The others are just printed ones not filled in or signed by them or me. They sent me a letter saying I should have signed copies myself but I don't. I have a copy of the first one and I have a copy of the one from in Oct/Nov when I added the 2 other goods. Problem is, they refinanced my agreements in Jan this year without my knowledge and this has only come to my attention very recently and is the reason for the "so called" arrears. So they have sent copies of the new agreements dated January but I have never seen these and certainly never signed them so what should I do? The agreement in Oct had the 2 extra items on it, plus the insurances etc. My original agreement for the first item carried on as normal ( so 3 items in total. One on its own still then other 2 in one agreement) the agreement for the 2 items was over 24 months and that was the last thing I knew. The new ones, which they did in Jan put the 2 items on separate agreements. One over 12 months and the other over 3 years. I never asked for this and never agreed to it, please can somebody advise me on what to do? I know if I ring up they will just fob me off. thanks.
  7. This is terrible, I agree with loolol she needs to get her local MP involved. I did this with a problem I had with the council and it's amazing how once the MP gets in touch with them, they can't do enough to help you. Tell her to see if the MP has a website so that she can email them or even a surgery where she can go in person. The sooner the better. Good luck and please let us know the outcome.
  8. Hi, I am caring for my father and have just started to claim carers allowance. My question is, is there any other help out there for carers? I am not entitled to any income based benefits as my husband works. I mean such as discounts on travel or shopping etc? As I do not drive but would like to take my dad out for days out but money is tight. I don't really know much about it all as it's quite new to me. Thanks
  9. I'm curious to know how you can be sure you haven't received it without even knowing my name, address etc? You must have thousands of customers. I sent the S.A.R on 16th June and I have the receipt for the £10 postal order which I shall check shortly to see if it was cashed also, I have the receipt for the recorded delivery and this has been confirmed as delivered. So seen as you seem to know who I am, I would be very grateful if you could supply me with the information I am entitled to please and as you know, you have 40 days from the day you received the S.A.R to supply this to me. Thank you.
  10. Thanks Lefty, I have waited...............................and waited but hey, no response from BAYV. Well I have an update. I have not yet had a response from the S.A.R I sent but it has only been 2 weeks. However, I had a very nasty letter demanding the overdue balance of £252.40 within 3 days of the date on the letter or they would be repossessing my items. Still not acknowledging my concerns or the fact that I have written to Mr Clarke and put the account into dispute. Anyway, as I was so angry, I rang customer services to see what is going on. Again, no mention of the S.A.R or anything but I managed to finally find out what the arrears are and I am very confused so please comment if you have any knowledge on this. It seems that when I ordered my 2 extra items last October, I signed the agreements and both items were put on a 2 year agreement together and the amount I was to pay every 8 weeks was the amount I HAVE paid every 8 weeks...... However, in January of this year, somebody from BAYV altered my agreement and put the items on 2 separate agreements (without my knowledge, consent, signature etc) one item over 3 years and one item over 1 year. I asked how this could be and the rep just said we made a mistake and one item in question is only supposed to be put over 12 months so we changed them. My payments then went up to £194 every 8 weeks apparently. Hmmmm................this all sounds very fishy can they do this? As surely the agreements I have signed no longer exist?? please help as I am thinking of just ringing up tomorrow and either paying the £252 and forget waiting for the S.A.R
  11. My mother-in-law had a similar problem. The police won't do much as it's "down to the council" apparently but now that threats are involved, they can't try to fob you off. Report every single thing that happens and it will build up the list of complaints until the council HAVE to get them evicted or the police end up arresting them. If you can't get cctv, have you got a phone that can voice record? If ever they knock at your door or you see them outside, put this on and then you can record any threats they make. Just don't make any back to them! So every row, every noisy night, every threat, report, report, report!! Good luck.
  12. I am not sure on this to be honest I would have to ask them. The only investments I think they have is obviously the house and they have a policy for paying for their funerals. Someone has said they may qualify for a grant towards central heating as they do not have this but I'm not sure if they would get it with just Dads attendance allowance.
  13. Hi leemack, yes my mother gets state pension. Not much but yes she does get that.
  14. Hi, I would like to know if there is any other help available for my father. He has just been awarded attendance allowance (finally) he has lots of things wrong with him, dementia, osteoporosis, copd etc. But because he is over 65 he gets attendance allowance rather than disability living allowance. My mother and I are both trying to care for him as he won't allow strangers in. I just wondered if there is any other help out there for him as they are struggling financially, just scraping by and desperately need alterations doing to the house. They can't get any other benefits as he has a private pension and they own their home. Just wondered if there were any grants or maybe a crisis loan, anything really to ease the burden.
  15. Ok thanks Martin, I will see if he tries to contact me again today. As of yet, I haven't had the S.A.R back or a response from Mr Clarke but they obviously received the letters, that is why the area manager is ringing. I have a feeling he is wanting to come to my house to either take my goods away before I find something sinister out or try to get money off me as this week is my payment week but I had said I am withholding payment until my S.A.R is satisfied. I DO have the payment for this week, like I ALWAYS HAVE IN THE PAST, it is safe in the bank for them. I do feel bed for expecting the worst from bayv but I have heard so many stories that I can't help it. I hope they sort this mess out as I would have been a very good customer for them who would have spent a lot of money. I just want the information sent to me A.S.A.P and then I will take it straight to C.A.B to get it checked over and if all is well then great, but I don't think it is. If BAYV are now on here officially, maybe they would like to comment on this. Thanks.
  16. Hi, Sorry to hear of your problem. You say your friend has paid rent/council tax elsewhere, well get her to ring up the landlord who could give her a letter to prove she lived there or maybe contact the council tax office who will have evidence of her paying. Then you can take this with you as proof.
  17. Well a quick update, I sent the letters recorded and the one to Graham Clarke said that I was regarding the account as in dispute until I had received everything I asked for in the S.A.R and that nobody was to call me or visit my home whilst the account was in dispute. Earlier today I have had a voice mail message from the area manager asking me to ring him so that he can come round tomorrow morning to discuss it all with me. I am not even actually at home this week as I am house sitting for relatives so if he calls around, I won't be home. My friend is nipping in each morning for my post so that I can check if they have replied. Question is, what do I do now? I don't want to ring him and although he said he was aware of my complaint, he never mentioned the S.A.R, but I specifically said, that while account in dispute, I was happy to communicate in writing. Please can someone advise me of my next step. Thanks guys.
  18. in fact, ten minutes maybe a bit much. Its more like 5 minutes I would say
  19. she can walk for about ten minutes then it gets very painful and she has to sit down.
  20. Hi guys, I am asking on behalf of a very good friend. She is currently claiming JSA (cont) and has been on it for around 3 and a half months. She has had an accident and suffered an injury and can not walk properly, she is on crutches and having physio. The doctors expect her to be like this for several weeks, maybe months. She would like to know if she can ask the doctor to sign her off on the sick while she is like this and if she would be able to transfer on to ESA. The problem is, with her already having 3 and half months pay on JSA, would that be knocked off her NI contributions and so show up as not enough left for the new ESA claim? She is not entitled to anything as income based. She really hasn't got much of an idea about any of this and neither do I. If she swaps over, what does she need to do and would there be any breaks in payment etc..
  21. Oh, by the way does anyone have the link to the S.A.R form? I can't find it in the library. Thanks.
  22. Thanks so much Martin. I will get those sent off tomorrow and then maybe I can get to the bottom of it. I still want to keep my goods and if everything is above board and it is some simple mistake, I will recommence payments and all will be fine, if not I will take the matter further and if necessary they can lose me as a customer and take back the goods. I will keep you updated as to their response. Thanks again.
  23. wow thanks for a quick response guys! Martin, I have made a note of all of that, yes I am very sure I should have no arrears as I have always paid on time and exactly what I was told by the agent so it is very strange. So if I put a letter in with the SAR to say the account is in dispute, or disputed or whatever, do I still continue to make payments or do I wait for their response? As I am a little unsure of all of this and don't want to be harrassed by them. Also, what if they don't send everything I ask for and within the 40 days? Thanks
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