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  1. I applied over the phone for it a £3000 loan in 2007 and was accepted. They tried their best to sell me all the PPI and the other things, accidental death and life cover but I kept saying no I didn't need it. He said fine and sent out the agreement. I was told to sign it in the top and bottom boxes, which I did. I have now received a copy of this agreement after my S.A.R request and the signature in the bottom box now shows several tick boxes next to it with the ticks in sayiny.. Yes I wish to purchase payment protection insurance Yes I wish to purchase life cover Yes I wish to purchase accidental cover I did not tick these, I am 100% sure and the ticks in the box look nothing like how I do mine, I am worried about this and don't know what to do about it. The PPI is for just over £1000 and the other insurances come to around another £700
  2. Hi thanks for the replies.. I've got (or supposed to have) everything they have on me as I sent them a S.A.R which they have now complied with. It's just this tick box thing that is baffling me
  3. Hi, I recently had a copy of my agreement sent to me and although I know for sure I did not agree to PPI and other insurances, they are showing on my agreement and what makes it worse is. .there are boxes that have been ticked saying yes I want them all. I know I have not ticked these and the ticks look nothing at all like mine so where do I go with this please? Can I report them for this or can I try to claim the PPI and stuff back or would they say that because it is ticked, I said I wanted it. Feel like I've been proper screwed here
  4. Hi, I recently asked for a S.A.R from Welcome Finance due to receiving a DCA letter asking for way more than I think I owe. Anyway, it came today (bang on the 40 days allowed) and I am sure my original agreement has been doctored! What if anything can I do?? I distinctly remember telling the guy on the phone when I applied that I did NOT want any insurances or P.P.I and he said OK after badgering me for ages. I remember it well because I said to my husband, gosh that took a lot of saying no. Anyway, a photocopy of the agreement has come and it shows my signature and then just below another signature (I think I remember them saying I need to sign both lines but just leave tick boxes clear as they don't apply) Now next to the signature at the bottom, the boxes have been ticked NOT BY ME and the ticks are nothing like I do they are like ticks that a left handed person would do. It has been ticked on yes I wish to purchase accident cover yes I want to purchase accidental death and yes I wish to purchase P.P.I And is added to the agreement at over £1,500 What do I do now and how do I prove that I didn't want them and that I didn't tick them. Strangely, there is no mention in the S.A.R of the phone conversation I had with them telling them I did not want this!!!
  5. Also, just another quick question, do I send the SAR to Lewis or to Welcome? Or to both? Apparently, Lewis have only been "instructed by their client to collect" and I have typed up the SAR ready to post but do I sign it because this then gives them a copy of my signature to forge if they wanted to? Has anyone got the address for welcome please if I have to send it to them? Thanks.
  6. Hi, I took out a loan with Welcome in 2007 for £3000. I didn't take out PPI with it. I could easily afford the repayments and everything was ok for around 4 months. I then got made redundant and as we had other debts, we thought the best option was an IVA. This failed as the payments were too high it was ridiculous and we end up with not knowing who we owe to and it's a complete mess! The last payment made to them was in 2009. Anyway, today I have received a letter (Final Demand) from Lewis Debt Recovery, they must have traced me to my new address because I actually moved last year. They want £5700 in full by this Thursday or further action will be taken etc.. I won't ring them as I have always been advised on here not to speak on the phone but I'm very tempted to ring and say, look I'm skint, got no job, no money and I live with my mother so please, please make me bankrupt!! What should I do here please? Do I send Lewis a SAR? Also, if I did go bankrupt (just myself) would the courts include my husbands wage as my income? I am a bit worried as I don't want people turning up here, doesn't bother me I will tell them to go away but it will upset my Mum, it's her house and she only lost my Dad a few months ago and doesn't need the stress. I could probably manage to pay £50 per month but I doubt they would accept that for a debt of £5700??? Please help, I don't know what my next move should be.
  7. OK thanks, what if I send it via my husbands Paypal account. Can I prove that one as it is still Paypal. My account is limited due to owing some to Paypal on another account ( I didn't realise you couldn't have more than one) am trying to sort it out.
  8. Hi, I have to make a refund to a buyer. It was not done through ebay but he paid with Paypal and now I have to refund him. Problem is, my Paypal account is limited and I cant add funds, send funds, make refunds etc. So I offered to refund him with my husband's paypal account he said no. He wants me to send him a postal order but I am worried that he may be trying to do me here. Could he take the postal order and then file a dispute with Paypal to get his money back 2 ways? How can I prove to Paypal that I have refunded him this way. Any quick help please as I am meant to be sending it tomorrow morning. Thanks.
  9. No, that isn't actually an option. I don't have the money in question it isn't even in my Paypal account it is on hold so I will not send someone money from my own personal bank account. It is a payment sent to Paypal in error so surely it is there place to reverse that person's payment.
  10. Well I have hit a wall again. She has filed the dispute and the money has vanished and is on hold. It says awaiting my response so I clicked on and it gave me 3 options to resolve the case... option 1 I have posted item and can provide proof etc option 2 I have not posted item and will send refund option 3 I have already refunded I tried to do both option 2 and 3. I though oh good it's going to work because option 2 came up with the "issue refund" button. I clicked and got same message you are unable to send refund as your account is limited. Option 3 just asked for the transaction ID for proof of refund. What now? This is crazy the poor woman can't get her money it's not good.
  11. She has phoned Paypal and they told her to ask me for a refund?? Are they stupid, I can't do one. I have just told her to go into her Paypal account and open a dispute. Will she get a refund straight away? I feel terrible for her. Thanks for the replies.
  12. Hi My Paypal account is limited and I can not send any payments, withdraw money, send refunds or do anything really. this is because I owe money to Paypal from an old account I had and until that is sorted out my account will remain limited. I am in the process of sorting it out but don't have the 90 odd quid available to pay it. Problem is, a buyer from a while ago has accidentally sent a payment to me in stead of someone else and now needs a refund. I can't give one so what do I do now? I don't want her to think I am running off with her money. Please help me with this, I have emailed Paypal but they haven't answered me.
  13. Oh thanks for that, and I switched my phone on and had 3 texts so I have just sent a text back saying pretty much what you said there. Hopefully this will be the end of it!! Thanks again.
  14. Hi, I just want a bit of advice on this please. I have been selling some things on Ebay recently and I had a couple of buyers approach me (by email) and ask to buy a bit cheaper through Paypal and avoiding Ebay to save on fees etc. I accepted the offers and they paid. Then after sleeping on it for a few days I thought it was a bit dodgy and changed my mind as you never know who might be pulling one across you and that they could end up doing say a chargeback etc and I was worried. One of the buyers had been texting me about the purchase and so has my number. I sent full refunds to both buyers and explained my concerns and apologised for any inconvenience caused. One was OK with it, well he had his money back and he was happy enough. However, the other one has been sending quite threatening texts saying he paid the money and he wants the good and it's not good enough etc. My question is this, now he has received a full refund is there anything he can do? ie: report me to Paypal, Ebay etc, or demand to send the money back to me and for me to be forced to sell to him? Please help as I daren't switch my phone on today!!!
  15. I bet they didn't give you the name of the actual payday loan company they were acting on behalf of did they? And did they the police will be around tomorrow to deliver court papers? haha
  16. Please, please do not give them your card details. I am absolutely certain this is the same group of people who tried this with me and several others a few months ago. They were claiming to be from I.M.S and said exactly the same to me over the phone. They were Indian or Pakistan accents but with very English names like Michael and James. I thought it was dodgy. Google the number 02088199746 on whocallsme and read the stories. I reported it to the police and actionfraud. Look at my posts from last year about it. It is no good reporting to OFT if they are not even an actual company. When I found out I was furious and rang them up yelling. They then blocked my number from ringing them again. Apparently they have done it a few times now, they get hold of information help by payday loan companies and this is why they knew our bank details, work number etc. Don't worry, don't call them and report immediately.
  17. Ok thanks for that. I am actually receiving emails from paycheckcredit, toothfairy and NDR daily and they all come at exactly the same time every day and say exactly the same word for word! Letters to OFT and TS are going to be written and sent asap!
  18. Oh just seen this and yes it shows as toothfairy finance. The loan was taken out with paycheck credit. What does this mean?
  19. Yeah I've seen that but I am after the address for paycheckcredit. I know they are part of the Toothfairy gang but not sure which address would be the best one to go with. I suppose any of them would get there as they are all the same company anyway. Thanks.
  20. Has anyone ever had an actual "in the flesh" visit from these guys? They threaten to call at all known addresses but do they ever turn up?
  21. Any update on this? I could do with their address too. I've got an essay to send haha!
  22. Hi My OH is due to pay back tomorrow but can not. He has cancelled his card (reported stolen) and the bank say it is now fully blocked. He has checked direct debits and nothing set up for TFF or paycheckcredit who the loan was with. It is too late for him to change bank accounts and his wages will go in on Friday. Can you tell me if they will be able to take anything then? As this would leave us in a right mess? Thanks
  23. Hi, Did you cancel your debit card and this was why they could not take payment or did you just not have any money in the account? I am asking because my Husband is due to pay them back tomorrow but he can't so he is reporting his card as stolen. Will this stop them from being able to take any money? we are very worried as they may clean out his account and leave us in a mess. The email that they sent you saying they will get a warrant of execution is a lie. They can't do this unless you default on a CCJ payment. Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I am fairly sure this is correct.
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