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  1. Thanks for your reply, pretty much confirms my thoughts. I do accept that I have falsified documents, although this was minor (sign in/out form) and done for what I believe is a justified reason, and was not for personal gain in any way. I really want to appeal, but I don't dare to do so as I really can't afford to be earning nothing. Do you think there's another reasonable way in which I can raise these points without officially appealing? I haven't looked into this yet, but do you think ACAs might be able to help in any way, especially as they write the recommendations? Tha
  2. Hiya I have just come out of a disciplinary, in which I have been issued with a Final Written Warning, and also told that I will also be demoted from Manager to Assistant Manager. The reasons for my disciplinary were 'Falsification of company documents and failing to adhere to banking procedures, which have resulted in a breakdown of confidence and trust' The falsification of company documents is listed as a reason for Gross Misconduct in the staff handbook. At present they are still deciding where I will work as an Assistant Manager, and I will be contacted in due course to inform
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