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  1. Hi everyone, I have been passed on a final bill from Eon for my previous address which states I owe them £69. We were prepayment meter customers so I cannot understand how a debt has occured. I have e-mailed them saying I do not acknowledge the debt due to this and require further details. This was for my electricity account, funnily enough my gas account ended with £20 credit which I have heard nothing about..... Anything similar happened to anyone - I dont understand how it is possible and having been getting phone calls from Past Due Credit which I think this is in connection with
  2. Hi everyone, We have recently moved house and have had a big bundle of post forwarded onto us by the new tenants with quite a few dca letters in it and one ballifs warrant of execution from the county court in my husbands name. After a bit of research Ive found that, apart from the warrant, most of these debts are now statute barred as occured in or before 2004 and I havent responded to these in writing or made payment to them in 6 years. I'm happy to accept that I owe any after this date and obviously need to sort out the warrant from the ballif but as we are on benefits would the
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