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  1. hope someone can help, very stressed, been living in nz for 5 years and had a baby last jan who was very poorly at birth so used my HSBC agreed overdraft and now have a debt of 950 pounds, the agreed limit was reduced after i had used it i have had little dealings with the bank as all my mail went to my parents address i called them once and tried to arrange a payement plan but they sent my details straight to debt recovery ( central debt recovery) without giving me a chance. i gave them my nz address as my mom was getting stressed. I have been having letters from solicitors and now debt recovery agencies who want me to pay 710 which i do not have.they now want the full 950 im having different letters from diffrent debt collectors. i need some advice on how to proceed i have avoided them up till now. we are not returning to the uk but maybe will just go for holidays to see family im worried they can get me then. Can they send people to my address in nz? can they stop me getting in to the uk? do i need to contact them? do i need to start paying back the debt? shall i ignore correspondence? do i need to declare bankrupcy? many thanks
  2. i have similar problem , not sure if i am writing in the right place on this site sorry! i have hsbc overdraft of 940 pounds in a uk bank account and received a letter from metropolitan collection agency sent on 13th sept and recieved in nz on the 25th sept, wanting the whole sum paid immediately. I am a new zealand resident and live in new zealand, the hsbc havnt contacted me as they did not have my address which they do have now, i contacted the hsbc to set up a payment plan and the sent my debt straight to the collection agency. The collection letter ends "failure to make full payment within 7 days may result in legal proceedings being issued in the country that i reside". will they take me to court in nz? can they take money from my bank accounts here i do not have the money the pay the full amount, very worried. thanks to anyone that can help.
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