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  1. Hi Guys, First of all, I thank everyone who posted an input to this thread and for helping me. Secondly I apologise for the delay of any update on my story as iv been on holiday. After I read what what a few people said when this issue came up, I decided to contact the company by phone and mail explaining that I could not afford to pay the sum and that it was an honest mistake. They replied saying they would lower the original sum, but I still had to sign the doc and pay. I wasn't having any of it as I wasn't prepared to pay for something I wasn't sure of, or even admit to something I wasn't sure of doing. So soon enough I ignored them, they tried calling me a few times and left voice messages asking me to contact them back, after I didn't reply, they sent me a letter about 2 months ago informing me it was my last chance to pay them etc etc or they will soon take legal action. I ignored that too, and since then I haven't heard from them. After reading what some people posted recently about this whole -site team removed- I actually think that is the case now and I am just glad I didn't sign the doc and pay up, as at one point I was very close to doing so. So if I was to give anyone going through the same problem any advice, I would tell them don't panic, don't sign, and don't pay. Follow up the issue with some advice from other sources such as legal advice, on-line help, or even ask some friends for advice, as more often than not its a [problem]. Thank you. Sam
  2. Thanks for the link Martin3030, if only he would have posted updates as to what happened at the end of his situation. as it is very similar to my situation.
  3. My ebay id is not the same one as here, maybe just a coincidence someone has the same one i guess? lol
  4. Yes, this is the plan, I will construct a letter to them today, send it off tomorrow, and await a reply, i will update you guys with any new information I receive, thanks for your help everyone who posted, its been much appreciated. Sam
  5. Thanks for all your help Cartaphilus, you have given me some useful links and future help. I think my final decision would be, to send them the letter explaining my situation like Elsa said, and maybe attaching a mini sales recored (not including customers names , addresses etc), just how much i bought the item for, how much it sold, how many i sold etc, they have this info anyway so it wont hurt to give it to them, but i will be sure to tell them i cant pay their legal feed or any other fees
  6. Thanks for that letter template, it's just what i needed, I will be sending them something similar on Monday and will wait for their response, hopefully it will be a positive one, a friend of mine told me they are not worried about receiving money from you as they are more worried about the clients brand being sold without them profiting, which i think is correct, so she told me if i just tell them i wont ever sell it again, and supply them with as much info as possible they might see me as being co-operative and hopefully waive the payment.
  7. Thanks George , but if i reply and ask them for strict proof, it might seem like i'm playing hard-ball with them and it might anger them even more which is something i don't want to do, i think i'm just going to take the hard way and co-operate with them. Thank you, I think that's what i will be doing, I will be responding to them wisely and being co-operative with them. Even if i can ignore it and it would go away, that's still a risk i'm taking because i don't know for 100% that it would actually just go away and the last thing i want is a criminal record. Hey Elsa, thanks for your advice, I actually don't have any invoices/receipts/proof of purchases, and I don't really want to get my uni involved in this, but do you know how I would go on getting a free interview with a solicitor?
  8. [quote=Pendle_dad;3141529 You are under no obligation whatsoever to provide ANY information to them about your customers - indeed, you could well be breaking the law if you do. You obviously shouldn't list any more of these items if there is any doubt as to their authenticity and to be on the safe side I would make sure there are none left in the house. You are also under no obligation to put your hand in your pocket either as they can't just throw a bill at you and demand you pay it. They can ask, of course, and you can pay, but they can't force you to pay anything. And, of course, if it went to court they would have to prove the item they have in their posession actually came from you - which could prove tricky. The traders I know who have been in similar positions varied their responses. I know 2 did nothing at all (other than remove the questionable items) and one wrote back admitting nothing, but agreeing not to sell any more. No further action was taken. I can only give you my experience of this, but if you took a postal payment instead of a paypal payment on any of them, then that's likely to be the one that got you in hot water. Be a bit more careful in future and try not to lose any sleep. They will certainly be watching you and won't let things drop if they have cause to remove your items again - even if it's on a second account. Thank you for your advice, So do you think I should not sign the letter at all, that was my first instinct, but they seem really serious and I’m scared in case they take this issue further and I end up in court paying more than they asked for. I will not be listing any of their items ever, but when you say I shouldn’t keep any at home, do you mean there’s a chance they can search my house, would they be allowed to do that? What would you recommend I do? Should I just ignore it, or send them a letter admitting nothing but telling them I won’t sell anymore? I didn’t take any postal payments, all my payments have been made via paypal. Once again thank you for your help.
  9. Yes i can confirm they wanted me to provide them with details of where i bought the items from, who supplied me etc thank you for your advice friend, So do you think i should not sign it and ignore it? because i was thinking of sending them a letter explaining my situation etc , should i just completly ignore the letter? and how sure are you that they wont take further action? thank you once again.
  10. I will be more than co-operative with them, i will supply them with everything, and will try to somehow waive the payment they want, BTW eBay are extremely unhelpful, its like talking to a brick wall, they don't know how to answer anything, i cant believe ebay lets a website like goofbay hold private information about sellers and buyer for the world to see.
  11. 1) cease dealings in any of their goods 2) wont list their items or use the words of their brand or import, export, buy, supply etc any of their items 3) wont infringe their copyright 4)deliver to them any more items i have of their brand 5)provide them a witness statement of: the full names and address of who supplied me their items the total number of their items that i have stocked or imported or exported copies and sales documentations of any sales or purchases i made 6) i will pay them and amount to be agreed by them to compensate them with the sales made by me 7) i will pay them £550 legal fees by cheque then under it says where i have to sign and date.
  12. Well they said no further legal action will be taken if i sign the undertaking and act upon it. So i will have to sign it and agree to their 7 demands which is fine but 2 of the demands are that i pay them £550 legal feed and another demand is that i give them all records of my sale history and they will analyse it and i will pay them all my profits, so all in all they might take a good £1000 of me. money i dont have as im a student right now
  13. Well they said no further legal action will be taken if i sign the undertaking and act upon it. So i will have to sign it and agree to their 7 demands which is fine but 2 of the demands are that i pay them £550 legal feed and another demand is that i give them all reocrds of my sale history and they will analyse it and i will pay them all my profits, so all in all they might take a good £1000 of me. money i dont have as im a student right now
  14. The thing is i have a feeling i might have a case against them just for the fact they used a 3rd party to gather information about me, but i dont wanna be a smart ass with them, it might just anger them more and i might dig my hole deeper. so i think its best if i act the fool with them and agree to their demands.
  15. The letter says and i quote "It has come to our clients attention that you have sold and offered for sale a significant quantity of our clients merchandise over Ebay ('the counterfeit goods"), which bear signs identical and /or extremely similar to our clients trade Marks. As evidence of your activities we attach printour from eBay headed items for sale indication a number of counterfeit goods being offered for sale by you as at 26 august 2010. Also your feedback profile as at 10 September 2010 and a report from 'goofbay.com' - as further illustration of the large quantity of such items having been sold by you through ebay." and then it goes on for ages how i am hurting the name of their clients brand etc etc then it goes on how i can avoid further legal action by signing their ridiculous undertaking.
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