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  1. I had an interesting chat with a colleague last night regarding the debt management company they work for. From what they said about the company, sounded like they really are a bunch of cowboys leading people into further debt. They have already had a run in with the Financial Ombudsman Services on numerous occasions, although this has only been verbally. Their operation works on the basis that they consolidate debts, charge you for the first 3 payments of that consolidated debt and then charge 17.5% or more administration fee on every payment. Better still they take this payment of you
  2. Here is an article from the BBC web site, please read it carefully and be careful who you pay your debt to. Some debt management firms 'exploiting' people in debt Debt firm customer Madga: "I've lost £750 that I could have used to pay my creditors" Some debt management firms are posing as charities and are driven by a sales culture, the Office of Fair Trading has found. The regulator has ordered 129 firms to clean up their act within three months or face losing their licences. A damning report into the state of the sector highlighted widespread problems including misleading
  3. It is my pleasure and thanks for having me, unfortunate for me I have had a lot of dealings with these debt collection companies. We should not be frightened of them at all, "they cant have what you haven't got", thats my saying. I will leave some more interesting advice as I get the opportunity or am asked to do so. Thanks again
  4. I had a call harassment problem with the Robinson Way debt collection company (and a few others) and was called by the most discourteous woman I have ever had to listen to on a telephone. The way she spoke so demeaning to me, absolutely infuriated me. How could any one speak in such a manner is beyond me, and the fact that the companies find it acceptable, shows their distinct lack of courtesy and empathy towards any one in debt. The companies called so often and at the most infuriating times that you can not help but get angry, annoyed and upset. To stop them ever calling you again, you
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