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  1. Hi Delboy, Thanks for your reply. Yes the account was in dispute before it was passed to Fredricksons. MC did accept a reduced settlement figure but wanted the payment in one go which I couldn't afford to do. The last letter I received was from MC saying that it was the last letter before legal action. A few weeks after that letter I started receiving calls from Fredrickson's who said they were acting on behalf of MC and told them I was on a DMP. I've let my DM company know that the debt has been transferred too and now it's all gone very quiet. Maybe everything is ok and I shou
  2. Hi, I have been looking at the pay day loan forums for the last few months as like many of you I've got myself into terrible problems The main issue I have had has been with Minicredit, who are incredibly difficult to deal with. I have had an outstanding balance with them since September last year and now the total amount I owe is over £1000. From looking at previous posts from other Caggers, I have seen that Minicredit do not negotiate with debt management companies (I am currently in a DMP) and are quick to issue CCJ's. Now the last letter I had from them was stating that it wa
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