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  1. I read many posts on numerous websites I haven't seen anyone getting sacked over this and many said this type of offence did not affect them looking for employment later on either. Don't worry so much, it's not biggest offence in the world. write a nice letter to explain and offer to pay any cost incurred and hopefully you won't even get the criminal record. good luck but I think you'll be fine!
  2. Try write a letter explaining the situation and offer to pay the fine and whatever costs, and hope they'll settle out of court...it really depends on the prosecution team but ask OldCodJa when you drafted up the letter...
  3. I hope the prosecution team drop your case and just let you pay the fine, there's too many cases where people make one mistake and being prosecuted!!!
  4. Hopefully you don't get rip off, because the so-called ''trust fund'' often magically disappear when you move out, but as someone who doesn't have guarantor this is the way you have to do it, just hope things will all be fine when you move out!
  5. umm no I made it up, but I do know roughly where the address is...
  6. hmm during my time of renting so...5times altogether, 3times the agent/landlord/landlady took so much money off us, some of my friends even had their deposit taken away completely (1800pounds?) A lot of them are just trying to con the poor tenants, so have to stand your ground.
  7. No I didn't show ID, and it was a paper child ticket I bought from the machine.
  8. Hey Stigy, Thanks for the quick reply. Yeah I am an absolute idiot to do it I have to say...I lost sleep over this and I wonder why I ever bought that child ticket just because my friends do that sort of things. No everything I gave was false except the surname but it's a common surname. Didn't show them anything because my friend was carrying some of my stuff so nothing was on me... I'll try find old codja to see what he cane advise me, I was thinking of giving myself in but not sure how that works... Thank you so much again for the advice.
  9. Well, agents do things differently even though a lot of them are evil, but if they aren't letting you sign until the 15th Oct you just have to sign then. Annoy but hopefully it goes ok.
  10. This happened to my friend, he said nothing happens as it is his first time.
  11. Oh I am really new to this but it looks like a really helpful forum from what I read so far.
  12. Thia happened a few months ago, but I was very stupid and used a child oyster I bought with my debit card because all my friends use it (they are all over 18 ) and I thought ''let me just try it once and save some money''. It wasn't very clever of me because the first time I did it I got caught by revenue protection inspectors when I came out of the station. He asked me loads of questions and took down all the details and took away the child oyster, and took a description of me. I gave fake details because I really panicked and didn't know what to do. Now I think they are going to find me because I bought the paper ticket on my debit card and they got cctv on london underground. I feel so stupid and helpless, can someone tell me what to do? I know it's a such bad thing to do and I never did it before or after the incident. I was (still am) young and dumb and I just don't want this to give me a criminal record, I really let myself and my parents down. I shouldn't have lied but I was just so scared. All advice appreciated.
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