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  1. Let's get one thing straight, I am not even at the stage of getting a PPI claim refused, I cannot get anyone to even take responsibilty for the selling of it! Here's the background £20,000 secured taken out back in May 2003, £4900 added as PPI, loan over 15 years, redeemed in September 2004 totalling £25,661. Taken out with Ocean Finance but payments to First Plus. Tried for the past three years or so to claim PPI was missold but First Plus accept NO responsibilty whatsoever, and refer us to the 'broker' Ocean Finance. They hit us with 'Ocean Finance does not now exist in the same form as in 2003/2004, now known as Ocean Finance & Mortgages. Blah, blah. Basically a solicitors letter stating that they're not liable. Tried First Plus and Ocean finance several times, putting in timescales for them to reply, threatening to escalate my complaint to the appropriate authority etc. Even tried a claims company in January 2009 but they weren't any help, taking 8 months to tell me that they couldn't go to the FSA as the claim was pre 2005. I contacted the Financial Ombudsman in September who advised me to find out who underwrote the actual PPI policy, as they may be able to take a complaint out against them. Done a Subject to Access request (with First Plus funnily enough), got all the info and found the name of a Jersey based company called Alabaster. They were liquidated years ago, called the FOS back who said there's nothing they can do. I contacted the Jersey Financial regulator who knew of Alabaster - unfortunately same response. What do I do now? I keep seeing on here success stories from yeeeeaaars ago, pre 2005 doesn't matter, persisit, persist, persist etc. But I have NOONE who seems to acknowledge ANY responsibilty. Is there anyone out there who has successfully got anywhere in this same/similar situation. I can't itirate this enough though - writing to First Plus gets me NOWHERE and writing to Ocean Finance gets me NOWHERE! BTW, my wife was actually advised my a rep from Ocean a few weeks ago to contact a Paul Newey directly (the co-founder of Ocean but who isn't now there). Now that just sounds ridiculous. Please, is there anything else I can do - I'm just about ready to shred all paperwork and erase this sorry episode from memory....
  2. First of all, hi. First post and new member. Where do I start with this one!? Ok, Secured loan of £20,000 taken out with Firstplus in May 2003, with PPI. Loan over 15 years and payments of between £280-300 per month. Sold the house in August in 2004 and had to pay back £25641. Now, I have been trying to reclaim the PPI back on/off for a couple of years now but have quite simply been hit with a brick wall every time. Asked a claims company in January to help and after months of them doing nothing, have now turned round and said my claim is dead as they can't go to the FSA. I am refusing to give up (well, I'm pretty close to) but thought I'd take once last stab at it. Contacted the Ombudsman who suggested that they could take a complaint out against the underwriter (whoever that may be)? I have to find this out. Soooooo, does anyone know who this was back in 2003? Am I wasting my time? Etc ANY advice greatly appreciated. Cheers
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