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  1. Just a quick update. TT have now refunded us for the duplicate payment. Thank you for all your help.
  2. Thank you for your replies BankFodder. Hope this gets sorted now.
  3. Thank you for responding. The booking ref is: TT02ZNV and I believe you were emailed about this again just 2 days ago.
  4. It was paid using a debit card.
  5. Apologies if I'm not in the correct forum, wasn't quite sure where to put this and need a bit of advice if possible please... Earlier this year in March we purchased airport parking through Trusted Travel. However, instead of taking the payment, they took two payments (a duplicate payment for the same date and time etc) and we're not sure why. Anyhow, e-mailed their customer support department as soon as this was noticed a few days after and were told they'd forward the query to their finance department who'll investigate and get back to us in 5-10 working days. Unfortunately, we haven't heard anything back and have been e-mailing them every month since then and have not had a response. Please can someone advise how I can proceed in retrieving this duplicate payment back?
  6. Hi, Would I be able to request a refund on the basis of the MOTS? It all just doesn't stack up right.
  7. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Is there a letter that I need to send them or simply ask for a refund?
  8. Hi, Just wandering if someone can give me some help please? Purchased a vehicle (2011 plate) yesterday form a trader, advertised for £3695 (1 owner) but purchased for £3550 with 2 months warranty. Was told whilst inspecting the car that it was HPI clear and had no issues etc. After purchasing the car I drove it home and checked the MOT records to find it had been in MOT 3 times in 1 year (all passed according to GOV website). As a consequence my partner carried out a HPI check on the vehicle and the mileage details were flagged due to mileage reports as below: NAMA 23/06/14 = 7,451 RMI Mileage 17/04/14 = 7,176 RMI Mileage 29/05/13 = 6,388 RMI Mileage 22/05/12 = 2,209 BVRLA 8/6/11 = 9356 - 1 month after car was first used (24/05/11) I spoke to the garage 3 hours after purchasing it.. they provided me with a whatsapp number so I could send them images of the HPI check. After an exchange of conversations via phone they have today informed me the vehicle went through MOT 3 times in 1 year (2014) due to number plate changes. They also state they carried out a HPI check and 5 registers were clear (stolen, Finance, Security watch, Insurance write off, Condition inspected) and not to worry about the discrepancy in mileage as that was likely due to a fault/ typo. I'm very concerned about the car and its history and no longer want it as I feel it wasn't as described. I have not driven the car since I bought it home and it's still parked on my drive. It all seems very odd and would like to return it for a refund? Am I able to do so? I've also relooked at the advert the trader produced which states ' all cars are fully inspected prior to sale' but makes no mention of HPI clear, even though this is what I was informed at the time? Please help.
  9. Just a little update....If anyone can help me please? I've sent a letter of complaint on behalf of my sister to Halifax; requesting they respond withing 14 days of recieving the letter. I have also sent a SAR under the Data Protection Act. It has nearly been 14 days, however, my Sister is now recieving letters from Debt Collectors, they have also sent one to my Niece who has a joint account but is completely oblivious to what's gone on and never been contacted by anyone (halifax included). Not too sure what to do now...should I wait for 14 days to be over and then send a reminder or write to the FOS...what shall I do about the Debt collector letters? Please help....
  10. Hi Consumer Dude & thanks for your reply. 1) I understand what you're saying here. My sister's house wasn't actually broken into but someone did enter it unlawfully whilst she was away; her cards and jewellery had gone missing. Which demonstartes someone did have a key/ access to the house. In saying that her cards which were in her handbag were hidden behind a sofa and lounge wall no one new where these were but for her. I understand that the bank will go off what looks probable but the fact is no one had access to the card, no one was authorised to use them and indeed no one else knew where the cards were. 2) I understand the police have looked at various CCTV footages and have ruled out any possible suscpicious people. The bank may or may not have had access to this info - I will however, be asking them about this - should they accuse my niece. 3) This needs to be questioned - £450 is no small amount and I cannot understand how the banks would allow someone to make a withdrawel without ID, more specifically without photographic ID. 4) I understand when she reported the cards stolen she did ot request new cards/ pin but for a complete cancellation on all her cards.
  11. Hi all and thank you for your replies. I've seen the letter she has recieved from Halifax which states that they are closing this fraud case as this has been and ongoing matter for more than 13 months now! In addition money was taken out of a cash machine so she was therefore negligent in protecting her pin number. I've questioned my sister about this, who is an emotional wreck she has pointed out approx 13 months ago £40 was taken out of her account and she contacted halifax but since then dropped any fraud case as she was unwell and it could have been that she had taken it out but didn't remember. She has also advised when she was in hospital a few months ago she gave her card and pin number to her daughter for groceries as she wasn't home and had told bot the police and halifax about this. However, regardless her daughter wasn't living at her house when her cards were stolen. She has advised the police of all this and requested they check CCTV...the police have now also closed this case. It would seem to me however, that Halifax are using this info and in addition are now adding interest to her debit account for an unauthorised overdraft (as a result of the fraud). Do they have a leg to stand on?
  12. Hello all, I am writing on behalf of a very distressed sibling who has been a victim of credit card fraud/ identity theft. About a month or so ago my sister was away on holiday and when she returned home noticed money etc being taken out of her account (this all heppened whilst she was away and her card was at home). She immediately reported this to Halifax and to the police who grudgingly decided to investigate the matter, provided her with a crime reference number etc. Since then various store cards etc have been opened in her name and after various communications (via the telephone) with the bank and the police. Halifax are now questioning how her pin number had been used (she has absolutely no idea) and as a result are sending her numerous letters stating she pays for all the arrears built up on the card. They are also stating they are adding interest to the charges etc and that she must pay up! Is there anything she can do? Any help or advice would be extremely appreciated!
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