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  1. Hi Guys, Just need some advice really. Im trying to sort out a mortgage at the moment and finding it very difficult with the status of my credit report. I have looked through my equifax report and my call credit report. I have to admit I have some outstanding debt which Im going to have to deal with some how, but my concern is that i have 3 accounts that are un settled on my equifax report from Egg. Then on my call credit report I have 3 new entry for these 3 debts from Cabot Financial. I am confused. Has Egg sold these debts onto Cabot? How can Cabot put entrys on there as
  2. Hi, I only have Cabot listed on Call Credit J
  3. Hi cerberusalert So what would my next step be do you think? Regards J
  4. Hi cerberusalert So let me get this right. Cabot cant place anything of there own on my credit file and only update original creditors? This is what is showing on my file Lender name:Cabot Financial UK Limited Account holder name: jonnyw6969 Address: my address Date of birth: my DOB Accountholder status:Normal Start date:Not Recorded Account type:Credit card Account status: Default Last updated:29th August 2010 Current balance:£1,026 Credit limit:£0 Opening balance:£884 Repayment frequency:Monthly Default date:31st May 2007 Original default bal
  5. Hi huggys boss, Thanks for the help so far really appreciate it. There are no other debts on my Call Credit file at all except the Cabot one. There is no account number but there is a opening, current and original defualt balance on the file. What other information would you like from me? Im happy to give you anything you need if it can help me. Regards, J
  6. Hi Everyone, New to this forum but i really need some advice. I have to admit I have a rather bad credit rating which I managed to get a few years ago but Im trying to sort myself out and hopefully get on the property ladder. I have an account with checkmyfile.com and have been monitoring my file for the last few months to see how its improving, and i have to say it is slowly getting better. Problem is a new entry from Cabot financial has just appeared on my Call Credit file with the defaults going back to Jan 2008. I do not really know who Cabot are and how have they tak
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