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  1. Its thanks to people like yourselves who take the time to advise and help people like me that I and many others have finally found the courage to stand up to people like muck hall.
  2. Ok- just emailed mack hall back. Basically put what you have written Dx- thanks for that Told them communications now over- the standing order has been set up so I'll now just sit tight and let them kick up as much fuss as they want !
  3. Latest email received from Mack Hall Dear X I have spoken to a manager with regards to your refusal to provide an income and expenditure, and have been advised that I am correct in saying no payment plan will be accepted unless it can be justified. Regards I'm just going to email back and say I have XX amount left each month after priority bills have been paid and that a standing order has been set up to repay £20 per month. If that's not acceptable then they can take me to court as I can't be bothered to keep arguing the toss with them !
  4. The original amount was for £800 back in September after months of already rolling it over. I tried making repayment plans with quick quid but they wanted it repaid over three months which I couldnt afford so I gave up trying to come to an agreement and waited for it to be passed to a DCA. The last email I received from QQ was in October and they said the outstanding balance was £1069. After looking back through my emails to mac hall though I've noticed that they have never actually stated how much is due to them? Thanks for the letter Bazooka Boo- I shall use that as my r
  5. Well I have just received this email from mac hall Dear XXXX All debt management companies should send your income and expenditure details to your creditors. I have never once came across one who has refused this information on the basis that they are not 'legally obliged' to send this information. Unless we recieve this information, then obviously we cannot accept your reduced offer as it hasnt been justified. You may well think your offer is fair and reasonable, which I would assume it would be, but again the paperwork has to be sent to back that up. If CAB have i
  6. Thank you so much for your replies everyone. I will email them back and say that they are not entitled to copies of my I&E and that £20 is all they will be getting as that is all I can afford- then let them huff and puff about it. Had they not sent a letter out to my work place then I may of sent it to them just to show willing but I am so angry:mad2: about the letter that they can go without the I&E form now. I will let you know how I get on. Thank you for the link though silver fox that has come in handy for my own personal use. Thank you again
  7. Hi, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice please. Last year I defaulted on a quickquid loan and eventually it got passed over to mackenzie hall. They set up a repayment plan of £60 per month. The debt is for £850. This is to be reviewed in two months time. I have so far kept up wth this plan- itds been roughly 3 months now however now I am really struggling to repay this amount. I am on maternity leave and once essential bills have been paid I don't have much left at the end of each week and I am basically living hand to mouth. I emailed mackenzie hall aski
  8. Has anyone any advice please before I send off cca requests and emails to the companies Many thanks
  9. I am after advice on how to go about sending CCA requests to payday loans and catalogues. Here is my situation: 1. Quickquid loan- owed £1069, currently with mckenzie hall repaying at £15 per week with standing order- originally a loan for £900. 2. Wonga-owed £700, currently on repayment of £10 per week with standing order, roughly £600 left to repay. 3. Txt loan-owe £100, with interest £117 is due to be repaid on the 12th of this month.- they have my current card details. 4. Payday express, owe £400, rolled over once already for £100, now £500 due to be repaid on the 15th of this m
  10. Oh yes of course I have every intention to do so. I get paid on Tuesday so will be making a donation then- as said I have used the refund to pay back loans, so Tuesday I will have spare cash from my wages and will definately be making a donation Again- thank you so much for your help:-)
  11. Called creation again this morning to see if I could have my money transfered straight across to my bank account. They said they would do this- wasn't really holding out much hope though! Just logged onto my account and I have been credited with £1052! :whoo: Before having chance to start flitting the money away which is how I got myself into a mess to start with with regards to payday loans, I have cleared my wonga balance £590- 2weeks early than scheduled, saving nearly £100 in interest I've Paid two extra weeks off the rent I've Paid next months council tax Paid
  12. Hi Kitten, just a word of encouragement Last year I reclaimed all charges from barclaycard and got back £1400- sorry can't remember how much of that was interest. It was relatively easy too- SAR request sent- added up the charges and sent a template letter.Received a reply about 3 weeks later to say they were refunding my charges by deducting the amount from my outstanding balance-which was £2100. As soon as they refunded me they dropped my credit limit to £750 and said I was no longer able to make cash withdrawals- as if I would be bothered by this lol ! Good luck
  13. Payday express still not got back to me- I have their bank details so do you think I would be best to just repay the £400 today and email them to let them know- just a bit worried they may take full payment out again on the due date
  14. Hi - I took out a payday loan for £400 with payday express on the 3rd December- and now due to a change in circumstances I do not need the loan. On the credit agrrement it says: 10. You have a right to cancel this Agreement for a period of 14 days, beginning with the day after this Agreement is signed by us. You can do this by giving us written notice to Express Finance (Bromley) Ltd, Kent House, 41 East Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1QQ or fax on 0800 652 4662 or by e-mail at customersupport@paydayexpress.co.uk i. If you cancel the agreement you still have to repay an
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