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  1. So..... Got a response from Lloyds - they're not changing their minds and neither have they sent me any of the documentation I requested to prove I had signed up for the PPI - so it's off to the Financial Ombudsman... Thanks everyone for your help and advice.. Will keep you posted...
  2. Hi there.. So I sent off my letter off to Lloyds challenging their judgement which they would've received by 6th / 7th August. Haven't had any response... so is there a standard response time that Lloyds have to respond to my letter? If so, what is it please? If not, can I send Lloyds a letter stating that I am going to the FOS? Thanks all for your help / advice!
  3. Thank you citizen b and fur for your comments... Will let you know how I get on....
  4. Oooops! Thanks so much Citizen B.. Do you agree about challenging Lloyds before going to FO? Thanks!
  5. Hi dx Thanks so much for that... Have been composing a letter to request they send me the 'sales documentation' they refer to as proof I signed up! Will keep you posted Thanks again
  6. Hi dx Thanks for that - have scanned and attached letter from Lloyds... Citizen B Is is sufficient just to write back to Lloyds saying I am disputing their decision and request physical evidence of their findings? And if they can't provide evidence of me signing up for PPI then I will take my case to the FOS? Thanks for your help! Hockeymad Lloyds TSB Letter 18.7.12 (2)[1].pdf Lloyds TSB Letter 18.7.12 (1).pdf
  7. Hi there So lodged a PPI complaint with Lloyds in mid May and they got back to me mid July. My main argument was that I didn't remember signing up for the PPI and don't remember asking for it - thought it was part of the credit card agreement. Lloyds have come back and not upheld my claim saying I was treated fairly and that I requested the PPI - although Lloyds didn't state or send any actual proof of how or when I did request the PPI enclosed in the reply letter from them. Should I go to the Financial Ombudsman? Thanks for your help in advance!
  8. Thanks all for your replies... Will let you know how I get on....
  9. Hi all Having got all my credit card statements from Lloyds - it seems I have had 3 different account numbers with them. 2 VISA and 1 MASTERCARD. Questions: When I use the spreadsheet (provided by this site - excellent it is too) it asks for an APR %. Again - my APR has changed over time - so do I need to complete a separate spreadsheet per APR%? Also - because I have had several account numbers, will I have to lodge a separate claim per account number - or is it OK to lodge one complaint form with numerous spreadsheets? Thanks all for your advice!
  10. Hi Citizen B... Yes - Lloyd's have sent me all my statements - will be going through them this weekend ... I don't see why it's so difficult for them to provide me with a copy of my original application - do you think it's because they don't have it, or they don't want me to have it? I have just gone through 2 sets of T & C's sent to me - the first is effective from 3rd Dec 2001 - but I didn't have the account until 2004 - no mention about PPI in here - only one sentence which says 'If you have chosen payment protection, we may pass this information onto 3rd parties, blah blah blah'. The 2nd set of T&C's - effective 26th November 2011 mentions nothing about PPI.. Questions: Should I go ahead with the claim on the basis that I don't remember signing up for this and that I wasn't informed this was optional and I could shop elsewhere and it wasn't fully explained to me? Plus Lloyd's can't prove that I did sign up for it? Which spreadsheet do I need to use to help me calculate getting my premiums paid back and the interest earned on those premiums? Which APR interest rate do I need to use in my calculations? As the APR interest rate is different from when I started to now. Thanks so much for the help and advice!!
  11. Lloyds TSB letter 24.2.12.pdf Hi there Citizen B - sorry it's taken a while - but here's that snotty letter from Lloyds...
  12. Hi dx and citizen b.. Thanks so much for you replies... I will do my best to try and scan that snotty letter in and thanks for the instructions.... Another thing they said in this letter was that they wouldn't of opened a credit card account without me signing something, well dur, of course they wouldn't and that's not what I'm disputing anyway!!! This letter looks like a bog standard thing which has been compiled and they have adopted it to suit me... I wasn't going to, but will certainly pursue a claim now after this - I have been nothing but civil and correct in asking for information from Lloyds and they write back with a letter like that!! Was completely astounded! Ah well... ! Thanks again for your replies...I honestly can't remember asking or taking this insurance out and as I said there was no information at the time saying I didn't have to take it out, or could take it out with another provider, so I thought it was something I had to have otherwise they wouldn't accept me.. Just hope this is enough to make a successful claim...Just want my premiums back!! Cheers and thanks again
  13. Hi again... Need all you good people's advice again - sent off the 1 pound cheque to Lloyds and CCA request letter. Got a really snotty letter basically saying : * That they can't find my original agreement and they're looking for it * A customer service person confirmed my present credit card balance, min payment etc * They had fulfilled the CCA request and wouldn't enter into any further correspondence regarding provision of copy agreements AND...I should think twice about submitting a claim on legitamately owed debts!! How rude...! All I wanted to check was that I had (legitimately) signed up for the PPI and that it hadn't been missold as I don't remember signing up for it in the first place and thought it was part and parcel of having the credit card. The insurance was never explained to me and I wasn't told that I could shop around elsewhere. I was afraid to cancel it in case they cancelled my credit card. I'm confused about what to do next. Having read through the standard claim papwework, I am afraid that if I don't have the facts, my (legitmate) claim might fail. However, if I signed up for the PPI, then fair enough, I wouldn't even think about claiming... Is this information all too much to ask for?? Are Lloyds trying the big bully tactics now by sending nasty letters out ot it's customers?? Help please!! Thanks all in advance hugely...
  14. Hi Citizen B.. Yes - it shows PPI has been applied each month on my monthly statements.... OK - I will check out the CCA1974 and will specifically ask them for the information as you suggest...! Many thanks for the tips and advice - greatly appreciated... Hi Dx100uk Yes the 40 days is well and truly up..! Again - thanks for your reply...
  15. Hi there - wonder if anyone else has had or is having the same drama....?? I applied for an SAR to Lloyd's because I believe I have been mis-sold PPI on my credit card. I received a LOT of info, including past statements but there was no information regarding my original credit card application. I don't have a copy of it as it was a long time ago, but believe I filled out a form (unsure if it was web based or via post / branch). Surely I should've received a copy of this original application, plus PPI insurance details as part of my SAR? Does this mean they are fobbing me off, or do they genuinely have no record of my original application? Should I be writing to Lloyds to state that I haven't received this information? It's just I need to be have this info to submit with my claim. Confused and Frustrating!! Any advice and help is greatly appreciated!! Many thanks!
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