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  1. Cheers Bosund, I shall pursue the SAR and let you know when I get it or how I get on
  2. Update here too, but not very positive!! Got a letter during xmas holidays from FOS, saying after clearing their backlog they had processed my complaint. The FOS letter basically said they have passed my complaint on to EGG and as far as they were concerned, they were finished with the matter. But went on to read: unless I am not happy with the response from EGG and gave me a reference number for future correspondence should I require it. Then I got a letter from EGG sating they had received the complaint via FOS and were investigating. Then a few days later, received an official reply from EGG which I briefly outline extracts of the main points below in red (Can scan full doc should it be necessary) -------------------------------------------------------- Our Findings: Your rate was changed due to a review of your account as per the terms and conditions of your egg card. The relevant terms as per 2007 are: 17.1 17.3.1 17.4 Following acquisition by Citi we undertook extensive review of credit risk profile.....blah blah blah... and decided to end your Credit agreement with us. This was communicated to you via letters sent to your home address in Jan 2008. It also states in the terms and conditions, section 20.2 of the egg card agreement that we can end your agreements at any time. Please see relevant section below 20.2 (detailed paragraph of section). Once your account is terminated it is not subject to further reviews so the interest rate would remain fixed at the point of termination, until your balance has been cleared in full. Once cleared in full, your account will automatically close. Our decision: On this occasion we are sorry we are unable to uphold your complaint....blah As a result the decision is closed .... blah You have six months from the date of this letter to exercise your right complaint the the FOS. If the FOS notifies us of their intention to arbitration on your behalf, we will no longer be able to discuss your complaint directly with you. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I’m miffed, especially as they have reviewed others interest rates after termination. One grave concern I have is under their findings they say they increased my APR from 24.9% to 26.9%, thats BS and would make this whole thing a waste of time! It went from 13.2% from the info I can find I still have. Wish I had persued with the SAR requests first..... Would they possibly be able to change the content if I request again? What now, any ideas? Cheers
  3. I dont see what a SAR will do as others report lately that if their computer says they sent it, I cant do anything about it. They dont need proof I received it, just that they sent it, so SAR would not guarantee me anything. Is this true? (I def. didnt get one) There were no unlawful charges, never had a bank charge in my life, but this has my credit score/file ruined for the next 6 years and Im desperate for a new car for work. I was not mis-sold ppi as I wanted it at the time and read all t&c's and agreed to them. Would arranging an appointment with my branch manager be worth any effort at all? Surely they can see my money management has always been fine except this one occasion, which I seen coming and tried to resolve before it became a problem. And this debt was settled immediatley after the three missed payments and my accounts are back in fine order as they always have been.
  4. Sorry missed the key info! This was a personal unprotected loan.
  5. Dont know how true but during the credit check when I discovered the DN, I was advised that it is normally nearer 6 months arrears before issue and also usually if you ignore their calls and letters, which I never ignored on a single occasion.
  6. Hi all, A little advice from you experts would be greatly appreciated. Short story..... Just before Xmas last year, when engineering was in decline, I knew that we had a temporary shortfall of work coming up (for the 1st time in 10 years I have worked there). I proactivley contacted my bank , Santander (Was Abbey back then), explaining the pending shortfall of work and asked for help whilst my payments were still up to date, such as a repayment holiday (My partner banks with Lloyds TSB and they give her an entitlement to one a year). I explained it was only temporary and anything they could suggest would be greatfully received. However, they point blank refused to listen. Subsequently I missed 3 months payments, but kept talking to the bank through this time, explaining how I tried to proavtivley solve the matter and how they refused to offer assitance. Anyway after three missed payments the banks collections department contacted me and were super helpful! They gave me a new loan for the balance outstanding plus pay off the arrears at a much improved rate of 6.9%. Great I thought, but if they did this in 1st place I would never have been in the situation! So all that is hunky dory, been paying new payments ever since which are now less than half what they were before! (From £250 to £99 per month). However, recently discovered during a credit file check I was issued a DN:mad2: I know for fact, I was not warned of a pending DN and that I have never been advised from the bank they had isued a DN. What should be my first step please? Do I really need a SAR? Thanks in advance.
  7. Well, Suprise Suprise, I never got a reply from Egg for my SAR request Not going to try again, going straight to FOS now as you kindly instructed.
  8. As the title says.... I assume I will have what was considered to be an un-enforceable CCA judging by the year I received mine, but all the cases I have read lately have been un-successful and the mis-use of the prescibed wording seems no longer to be a valid reason in court, or in the judges opinion. However I see people still posting asking if theirs are enforceable or not. Is it still possible to prove CCA's un-enforcable for the usual "approved limit" wording etc.? Regards, ME.
  9. I have been reading this thread over, for about a year and still do not feel confident enough from a legal point of view to with-hold my payments to Egg. They will slap me with a DN and this will be hanging over my head for what looks like is going to be a long time. Yes, I have been making payments, slightly above minimum since they "terminated/ended our agreement". I have however found a definitive article from another member who successfuly managed to get the FOS to argree Egg hiking interest rates a month or two prior to cancelling our agreements, was at least morally incorrect and Egg reversed the increase. I will keep reading with hope. Keep up all the good work. ME
  10. Well, I typed a pm to you, hit send and I do not have enough posts for the priveledge yet! Will need to make a constructive post or two to enable this, so as not to spam! I will forward on shortly. Thanks.
  11. Hi Bosund, Your kind offer of sharing your successful experience is grealty appreciated, I shall PM. Thank you. I would just like to point out which I missed in my initial reply, is that I do agree with you that many of the points put forward on here deserve merit (I have been reading them for over a year without posting). I agree with many of them 100% in my heart and have nearly taken the step towards cancelling my DD so many times, but my head keeps interfering! The fact they are not legally proven is just too much of a gamble for me and my family. Regards, Keep up the good work all. ME
  12. Hi Bosund, I have exactly the same situation. Interest was hiked in Dec 2007 and terminated in Feb 2008. Minimumum payments also increased drastically since they "terminated our agreement". I have not been totally convinced by the arguments put forward here to with-hold payment to Egg thusfar, as I do not want to receive a default notice, so continue to make the minimum payments until there is concrete evidence. As I know for fact the above statements, do I still need to apply for SAR? Do I need to forward copies of any of the documents on to the FOS? Or did you simply call them to advise? Advice would me much appreciated as I like the other 160,999 people, am miffed what the have done by terminating our agreement, but continuing to charge extortionate interest rates. I have calculated since "termination of agreement", I have made payments just short of what my outstanding balance actually was at the time (not including interest), yet my current balance has only reduced by a few hundred pounds! I have contacted them over a year ago, but they refused point blank to consider any proposal for alteration of the "cancelled agreement". Regards, ME
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