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  1. Callumsgran, thanks.. yeah the winter's almost here... she'll be freezing her butt off smoking outside and I'll have my window closed lol.. Thanks ever so much to everyone who contributed to this thread x
  2. Mr Shed thank you ever so much for your help. I have asked for an honest opinion in case I decide to take her to court and don't stand a chance to win. Although it wouldn't be a money matter, rather a matter of principle. Not interested in a money compensation. And the most of all, I wanted to find out if I have to move out within a month or not. I was worried that she might want to evict me prior to tenancy expiry date. I wouldn't want to live in here for longer than my agreement states. Glad I have time till December as buying my own property (at last) . What shall I do if the landlady re
  3. She was abroad at the time of installation. And trust me had I known that there will be such a problem with a dish replacement I'd move mountains to ask her for permission. I had no idea that the simple exchange is classed as erection of a satellite dish...I thought it meant erection of a new dish, not replacement of the old one.
  4. I was explicitly told by the engineer that it is their property . Shall I ask SKY to replace it with the old one then?
  5. The landlady told me that she's given me the notice because I have not given her the documents she asked for. Also because one of the tenants has said that I have thrown away her food and because I complain that that person smokes under my window. In regards to harassment because i work for the company she dislikes: I believe that her attitude towards me is dictated by that. One other tenant is treated badly because she is a teacher (ans the landlady said: quote' all the teachers are drunks and dirty bastards'). We all have asked her not to come to the house without 24h notice. She insiste
  6. She has given me a notice before she learnt that the dish was replaced. Also I didn't know that the dish needed to be replaced. But the SKY company has said that they're responsible for a safe fixing of their property (dish in this case) and as the old dish wasn't securely attached to the building, they've decided to replace it.
  7. papasmurf, I do come from other country other than UK. In regards to the tenancy agreement the rent is all inclusive so the bills don't come to this address, apart from the SKY package which I took on my name prior to getting a notice (am not that daft, thank you very much ). Ho was I supposed to know that I will get a notice only a month later? The tenancy agreement is mine for one room. The house is rented by rooms not as a whole property (in London). I'm afraid you got me lost as to the people coming and going on the tenancy agreement. i'm quite positive I haven't mentioned anything like
  8. the landlady? no, she doesn't live in the same house. There are communal areas. This is a semi detached house. the landlady lives in a different area altogether. Yes, i rent a room upstairs with the window to the garden. the rest of bedrooms have windows to the street.
  9. Masha, first of all i am terribly sorry that you have to suffer such ordeal. If you ask me it is illegal for him to enter your room or the house itselft withouth the 24hr notice. However I'm very concerned for your safety (him walking in to your bedroom uninvited and you being undressed and him refusing to leve) that's WRONG! I'd suggest you (as some other forum members) to get a personal alarm as well as perhaps install some locks on your bedroom door. Also keep a small diary of all the incidents and dates, just in case you'd want to sue (which probably you should). Keep safe dear xxx
  10. I wonder if it's true that the landlord can enter communal area ie living room, dining room, bathroom without any notice when showing the house around to a potential future tenant?
  11. Mr Shed is right. My brother had the same problem. decided to sue the agent. he has a court date in 2 weeks. Good luck 8-)
  12. Hello, Can someone help, please? I have moved in to a house 3 months ago and signed a contract for 6 months where 3 other people already lived, 2 moved out a while ago and 2 new persons moved in instead. The house was advertised as a strictly non smoking property. However the new person smokes right underneath my window, all smoke goes in my bedroom. My window comes out on a garden that is huge. Several times I've asked that person to move away from underneath my window, was ignored on every occasion. The same person accused me of throwing some of her food away, which is so untrue as I ha
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