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  1. Hi my son has just shown me how to start my own thread lol iv been watching peoples threads wondering how to post :/ well here goes ,i was ready to take my paperwork to county court with my ex husband this morning to claim ppi against GE money, i rang GE at 9.25am for a final response (seeing as the banks have not contested losing the ppi debacle at court). So i was told in no uncertain terms the answer was a resounding NO ,as a broker (CLICK FOR FREEDOM) sold me the ppi and pushed it on to me ect, so i then rang the FSA who informed me they where right and i couldnt pursue GE money as it was not them that sold the actual ppi :? I then got the the registration number for the now defunct CLICK FOR FREEDOM) BUT FOUND ALSO WHEN I COMPLAINED TO FREEDOM FINANCE IN 2009 AS GE HAD TOLD ME THESE WHERE THE COMPANY RESPONSIBLE THEY TOLD ME THEY WHERE A DIFFERENT COMPANY ?????? SO I WAS FOBBED OFF ! i have found out today they where in fact the same company and had lied to me in 2009 to stop me pursuing my ppi claim with them !! The FSA told me this morning that it was the same company and They where also CLICK FOR FREEDOM!!!!!! and that i would have no luck in court against GE and would have to try and go through the FSA compensation route .im so upset and it took me a month to get my money saved to get these pigs into court ,any suggestions if i may have a clear case against GE as they took the payments ! JUST CANT AFFORD TO PAY ge LEGAL FEES IF THEY WIN !
  2. help i still dont know how to start a thread :/ i was going to put court papers in today to recalim ppi and rang Ge for a final response ,THEY SAID AS IT WAS A BROKER WHO SOLD IT I SHOULD GO AFTER THEM :/ THEY NO LONGER EXIST (CLICK FOR FREEDOM ) so after being happy i was finally filing my claim iv got all upset and im crying my eyes out as all seems lost now its so unfair ,can i take it anywhere iv saved up the court fees for a month now nothing
  3. Hi George , i sent the letter before action wishbone ash and Homer simpson sent ( i just ammended iit to suit my situation ) , i had a reply saying the usual crap they are sorry to hear of my dissatifaction and have added 28 days for thier investigation after i gave them 14 days , so bloody cheeky, i think they will refuse so think court would be a definate part of my future with these pigs, as for repossesion iv been there with these pigs and the chelsea, ( they tried to re possess my home both of them at same time) to be honest the judge was great with me and told Ge that he would not let them take my home as i had sold my car and took out a loan (i had to wait 2 more days for it to clear the judge gave me a month for the loan to clear( he he ). The bottom line is the judge wont give them possesion iif its thier fees and not your mortgage re payments you owe , im pretty sure of that one , i watched the idiot from eversheds try so hard to get the judge to give them my home but the judge told them no way as most of my arrears where unpaid direct debit fees Good luck let me kniow what happens
  4. Hi , wishboneash ( i love wishboneash the group by the way iv got Argus and wheres the rub lol ) but anyway how did you get on with them i had usual letter we are investigating your complaint (same with my old mortgage company The Chelsea same letter) im sure itl be same as usual we are not paying please let me kniow what they said when they rang you up xx
  5. Hi Bank Fodder, iv had what is probably a standard letter from the Chelsea about my letter to them claiming back unpaid dd fees and counsellor fees ect, its just that i gave them 14 days to sort this out and pay me back before court action, they have said they are investigating it and it will take up to 28 days??? can i now go ahead and submit to court, iv lost original document they sent in 2008 after i asked for a (SARS) but i still had the calculations wrote down from back then, will i still be able to submit claim or am i acting outside the law ?? Also im sorry i know you said i need to start new thread but dont kniw how to do this ;( PS i also had same relpy from GE (same type of response takes 28 days to investigate) i think theyre buying for time myself please help and give details how to start a new thread (im a techno phobe )
  6. Hi everyone,i sent a letter well two one to the chelsea about arrears charges and one to GE about same, i formed my letter from the one HJS sent about arrears (letter before action) and i sent them both around 5 days ago, i recieved a letter from the chelsea this morning as follows, Dear mrs Keygan,i am writing further to your letter from which im sorry to learn of your dissatisfaction with he service provided by the chelsea. id be pleased to investigate the matter further for you, however we require further details as we are unable to establish the details based on the information held in yiour letter. please provide additional information so we may locate you; the number you quoted is not a live chelsea account number so i have to conclude you are no longer a chelsea customer, please send us details such as correspondance postcode when the account was live,and your surname if it was different to what it is now, you also mentioned corespondence we have sent you ,if you could enclose a copy of these letters they should help with our investigation. I must say iv put my name change in the letter concerned plus they have a copy of name change deed dear caggers, so do you think they may settle instead of face a court room, im hoping so was wondering if anyone else had dealings with the chelsea
  7. Well i want to take them to court afetr HJS had such a good result and yiourself good on you both xx
  8. Thank you, well from what iv read a lot of stuff has been struck out it does put me off claiming
  9. how do you find what they paid the broker ?? iv got the agreement but not sure how to find out (they used click for freedom finance now defunct) i was told but there is a freeedom finance but they say they are different company ???? it GE i want my charges and ppi back . and what does it mean when the case gets struck out ??? sorry im not up to speed on some of the terms
  10. Hi Blossomandebony thanks for replying it was with the (chelsea )i sold the property and paid them off in 2007 but they charged me so much in charges and solicitor fees as they tried to re possess my property
  11. hi can i claim my fees back as i settled my mortgage in 2007 in full plus over 2000 in chages ect they tried to repossess it but i sold my car and took a loan to pay arrears so i could sell
  12. Hi Homer, im going to claim my arrwars fees and cost of solicitors just wondering would i be able to claim ppi against them too ?? the arrears charges and re possession charges (but i kept my house from them after selling my car and getting a loan) and the ppi on this secured loan? the secured loan was in 2006, and they sold me and my now ex hubby this loan with the ppi even though i had at the time (been working for the local council so i always got sick pay) plus they didnt tell me id have to re finance the ppi after 5 year (it was a 10 year loan ??) plus when i was in hospital after a life or death operation they did not pay out when my secured loan went into arrears, any help appreciated Homer or anyone else with knowkedge
  13. hi , can i ask you if i can also put my ppi on top of the arrears fee's GE charged plus solicitors fee's ???? i dont want to use a solicitor as they want 25% and they have had my claim for 2 year and 3 months and done nothing , any advice appreciated, just in middle of writing my court forms out, figured best way forward as you seem to have luck along this route , they disregarded all my letters i sent asking for my money back x
  14. oh im so glad you have gave me hope iv wanted to get them to court but with so many refusals to pay me back all the samer fees you had (unpaid direct debits ect ) they owe me around 4,000, i gave up even when i got the court pack through as i was scared id lose ,i will start this claim now ,iv nothing to lose i dont own my own home anymore if i lose they only have my physical being and dont think they will want that thanks for giving me hope , so if i issue proceedings i may get paid out do you think ? xx
  15. hi, sorry i cant help but iv had probs with GE trying to claim back ppi its seems pointless to me they always refuse,hope it works out for you xx
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