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  1. was wondering how you got on with it in the end i am in the same situation now! thanks
  2. Yes i was a sole trader. also i am sure the balance was not paid because i have also found out that a couple of other things have not been paid like a credit card and a stationary account. not got all the bank statements but have a few. i think they will have gone to my previous address. the letter says: your account at barclays plc has been transferred to the banks recovery unit and the outstanding balance transferred to us for collection. all correspondence concerning the account must now be directed to this office quoteing the account number shown above. default information will be recorded at licenced credit reference agencies which may seriously affect your ability to abtain credit and / or martgage facilities THE PAYMENT OF THE FULL AND OUTSTANDING BALANCE MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 7 DAYS OF THE DATE OF THIS LETTER. FAILURE TO MAKE THE REQUIRED PAYMENT WILL RESULT IN THE REFERRAL OF YOUR ACCOUNT EITHER FOR THE COMMENCEMENT OF LEGAL PROCEDINGS OR TO A PROFESSIONAL DEBT COLLECTION AGENCY. you may be able to avoid this action by telephoning blah blah blah as said before my only gripe is that this is the fisrt thing i have had from them in over 12 months and find it unfair that i have only 7 days to pay and i am also going to have a default registered against me. any advice on how i should take this forward would be greatly appreciated!
  3. hi this is my first post here and am in need of a little help before i make contact... i have received a letter from CDCS asking me for monies owed to barclays for a business account i had a year or so ago. At the time i had a business partner who used to run my accounts and paperwork. Everything is in my name only and as far as i was aware there was no money outstanding and the account was closed. I have just received a letter saying they are going to register a default against me so ruineing my perfect credit rating... superb! It is clear that i have been ripped off my my business partner and am now left with a debt to pay. unfortunatley i dont have the money to pay in full its not a huge amount of money only a few grand and i would have paid it had i been made aware by barclays that there is monies owed. this is the first contact i have had off them in 12 months. i am no longer earning a lot of money due to the recessioin hitting me hard and now have a job. my business address was different to my home address and maybe that is why i havent received any paperwork from them but they got this nasty letter here ok so i cant understand why they would let it go this far without making contact with me first. the worst outcome of this for me is to lose my credit rating with a default notice. i can pay money off each month out my wages but its going to take me about 18 months to pay with my outgoings and the wages i am on. any advice on how to proceed would be greatly appreciated as i am really worried about this... thanks
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