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  1. sorry, I dont quite understand how there can be an 'unwritten rule' especially if its one that I have witnessed being 'broken' on other occasions. How would I know it was a rule? I have worked for several organisations like this one (its very small, very family/people focused) and at most of them alcohol was always permitted on work premises for 'out of work time'staff events and celebrations. I accept that it might not have been the best judgement call in the world, but in the absence of a 'rule' or policy prohibiting it I'm not sure how seriuos sharing a bottle of wine with 2 colleagues (the other one had beer) as part of a work related celebration actually is.
  2. 1. Why did you bring alcohol onto company property 2. Why did you decide to drink it on company property 3. Was you drinking on your own 4. Was you drinking in company time I didn't bring the alchohol we were drinking in our own time we were drinking as part of a continuation of a celebratory work event we were on work premises because it was a work related celebration
  3. OK, I amnot aware at all of a rule saying we can't have alcohol on the premises. If this is a policy/rule but I havn't seen that policy what is the worst they can do to discipline me? and do they have to treat everyone the same, eg should everyone who was drinking alchohol that night be subject to same disciplinary?
  4. Hi, thanks for the input. The Xmas party was one of several occasions on which alcohol was on the premises. The reason I felt it was relevent is that I was not aware that there was any policy against alcohol on work premises, and as I had been present at and aware of occasions when staff (including the boss) brought drink along to staff events on the premises I thought that it was not a problem. This incident was a 'special' occasion, we had (with our bosses full agreement although he wasn't present) gathered to say thank you and give presents to a staff member who had acheived something special. the reason I requested the policies (which i have been refused access to) is that I have never seen a copy of an alcohol policy and I did not recall anything in the main staff handbook. (which I do not have a copy of, I was shown it early in my appointment but it is being rewritten and I am not part of that team) I have been told to have no contact and i have to the best of my ability kept to this. The reason I said no-one has been questioned is that late last week I was allowed to go in to collect something from the office and colleagues who were there at the incident gave no indication that they had been questioned. I can see that they may have been hiding it but I know them very well and they gave no hint in their behaviuor or questions (why i was off, was I OK, was anything wrong with my family etc). In addition no-one else has been suspended (I know because everyone was there when I went in) and as I was not the only one who was drinking that night I have either been singled out, or a full investigation has not taken place. The 'technicality' is important, if I HAD been drinking with clients it would be a sackable offence. Also the allegation was specific that it was drinking with clients on the premises, which means someone made an unfounded allegation against me with no evidence to support it.
  5. Hi guys, I'll try and keep this short(ish)but give background info that might help people giv eme advice. Last monday I was called in just before a staff meeting and told that an allegation had been made against me that I had been drinking on work premises with clients. I was suspended on full pay whilst it was investigated. Now that full allegation would be misconduct. But its not true. I DID have alchohol on work premises (after hrs/off duty) with colleagues, this is something that has happened before and in fact our old boss used to organise staff parties (Xmas etc) where there was alchohol. My first question is, can I still be disciplined for having alchohol on work premises? If so do i have a right to request that other workers who have done so aqre subject to a similar process to ensure that this isn't discrimination I am also not very happy with the way it has been handled. I have asked for copies of the relevant policies..... but not yet received them. Whilst I've been suspended, none of the other staff who were present have been interviewed so I don't know how it has been investigated. I have not been allowed to send a vetted 'out of office' email, so my sudden absence has been unexplained which has impacted negativly on the perception of my project. Despite a verbal discussion and two detailed emails regarding my onoing caseload, my boss has not informed people that I would not be attending meetings/ prearranged apts and he has forbidden me to do so. Also clients who I had commitments to have been let down because my boss has not ensured that they continued to receive any level of service during my absence. (resulting in two rather upset clients emailing me after their financial/work situations were negativly affected because they didn't receive the support they should get form our organisation:x) The incident invovled other staff and no-one else has been suspended or disciplined in any way. Do I have any grounds for a greivance based on the above:?: My investigation meeting is tommorrow at 11am, would apprecaite any advice/ help
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