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  1. Thanks Zootscoot, its Nationwide. As far as we can remember we have had nothing extra to pay on our mortgage so it looks as though its been added on to the original loan,although we think once when we were "fined" we had topay that upfront. It was onlyl ast year when I shredded lots of mortgage stuff (idiot that Iam) so I dont think we will have any evidence of what charges we have on our account beyond this last year. Shall i send a preliminary letter then to start the ball rolling andsee where I stand? Thanks for the help
  2. Dear Zootscoot,I have only posted a fewtimes on this site but use it for info. I have tried to find out about mortgages charges but get lost on the site (me thick!!) - we have had our mortgage about 22 years and in that time have had financial difficulties.We know we have been charged for late payments,we were once "fined" for being in arrears! Can we now claim some of these back and is it the same procedure as with banks. also how far can we go back? Appreciate your help.Thanks.
  3. Would be grateful if someone could advise me please.In the last 4/5 years of our mortage and just read article in a daily about mortgage arrears charges etc. We have been in financial difficulties a few times over the last 21 years of our mortgage and have been charged for being so and at one point we were actually "fined" for being in arrears (Nationwide ). Is there any way we can challange these charges etc. like the bank charge boom? If so how far can you go backand is it the same procedure as the bank charges. We havent kept allour statements forall these years but we have held on to some documentation.Please help
  4. Hi, Ive had a similar problem with Pipex. I signed up, received the modem, told | am ready to go live within 8 days - brilliant! I get to install the modem - doesnt work! Try installing, re-installing, disconnecting, everything I can think of. I ring their technical help line 2 hours later still getting "high volume of calls" thing which eventually cuts off! This went all evening and all the next day Saturday - me getting the same message and getting cut off. Sunday they are not available at all. So come Monday at 8am I phone and guess what - the same thing up until 11 am when i eventually rang their Sales Dept. Hey Presto - instant reply!! When I eventually cooled down they said they didn't know the reason why I hadnt got through Friday evening and all day Saturday and they put me through to someone on technical help. This guy asked if I had a spare modem to try!! I said I could find one as it happened (but hey - what would have happened if I hadn't got hold of one?) Anyway I got home that night, tried again with the new modem and this wouldnt work. And of course when I ring techncial help they arent around!! So again Tuesday 8am I ring again. Cant get through?? Just ring Sales! Yes that does the trick - answer first ring!! By this time I am livid so I just tell them I want to cancel my contract. They say well I shall have to pay a fee because I have broken my contract with them I say No - you have broken the contract because your technical help desk doesnt exist. I was given all sorts of excuses, line faults, new line system etc. but I pointed out that shouldn't be my problem - I sign up to a provider with technical help that isn't there!! I have rung the bank who say they cant cancel the Direct Debit because its not yet in force, but as soon as I see it presented to my bank I can ring the bank and they will claw it back the same day. This is two weeks now and I have to look on line to see if this has happened and up to now it hasn't. But the moral of this story is DONT USE PIPEX !!! Having got that off my chest - any ideas as to who I can use for broadband..... cant bear to use th PC at home now cos its so slow on narrowband. Thanks for letiing me shed all that ... Margaret
  5. For Bankfodder - Re: Blacksheep 1979 reply to my query about Argos. I have no intention of sending the machine back saying its not been used - I could have done that in he first place! I acknowledged his reply in respect of contacting the Trading Standards - thats the route I intend to follow, not sending the thing back illegally. Hope you clear about that!
  6. secretarybird


    Thanks,will do. Could have lied in the first place and said it didn'twork like some mates have said, but decided to be honest. so there you go - honest is not always the best ....you know....!!!!
  7. Well,I've been with dial-a-phone 15 months now and always had my cash back within 1 week every time.
  8. secretarybird


    HI,WONDER IFANYONE CAN HELP PLEASE? Bought a hover mower, could not fit handle properly when putting it together so took it back 1week later (unused)they replaced it with same model- fine. Put this one together handle this time fine. Started to mow garden and found mower too heavy for banking (very steep). Rang them and told them and basically because I had used it - tough! I rang their customer services at head office who basically said the same - they cant take it back because it has been used. When I said I had to to use it to realise it was hopeless for the banking I was told I should have tried it without switching on the power!! With a hover mower??? Wrote to customer services saying that I had chosen this particular mower out of their catalogue because under their "Tips when buying a lawnmower" they recommend hover mowers as being ideal for banking and slopes. I said the machine was much too heavy to use what with pulling it up and down the banking (we are in our 60's although fit, we cannot use it). They telephoned to say the weight was marked in the catalogue and so we should have realised how heavy it was. But my argument is that the weight of the machine is not accurately reflected when pulling it up and down slopes. I said I thought that it was a case of the item not being suitable for the purpose it was sold for ie.banking and did the fact that I had used it limit my statutory rights? He said to take it up with Trading Standards.Is this right please?
  9. Hi everyone. This is only the second time I have used the site,I am overwhelmed with it!! It has taken me ages to try to get some answers and i am still confused!! First of all, we have a Yorks Bank account from 1986 which was passed from pillar to post by Yorks Bank, Intrim Justitia(??),Jeremy Sutcliffe and uncle tom cobley and all!!! We are still paying it back. How far back could we go to see how much the charges might amount to? and also can we approach the other debt collectors of this account at the same time? and about that time(we were in serious financial difficulties) we were actually FINED by Nationwide Building Society for being in arrears with our mortage. So can we find out what charges they imposed on our mortgage account when it has been in arrears over the years? And .....(!!!)I told you I was confused... about the same time we were buying a holiday chalet at the coast which we had for about 3 years when this financial thunderball struck us and the result was that the holiday property was sold by First National under our nose because we had not kept up the payments and we were given a small amount of money. Cedar Holdings were another company involved in this little tragedy somewhere. Also around the same time an account with Barclays Bank finished upgoing to court because we couldn't keepupthe payments and finished upwith a "charge" on our present property. What we dont know is what this "Charge " means - the Land registry just say that as far as they know Barclays Bank have an "Interest" in our property if we want to sell it in the future. I know this might sound as though me and my husband have been quite laid back about our finances but this is not true- we got in some financial difficulties because of a business failure and are still trying to get out of it. What would help us is if there is any way we can reclaim some of the costs these debts have incurred. but is to too far back?? and where do we start??please!
  10. Hey thanks for that! Also is the £10 cheque accompanying this to be made payable to the Bank branch in question please? Am I thick or what!!!
  11. help! i am looking for the letter template to ask bank for list of charges and transactions on my account. can someone tell me how to access it please! thanks.
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