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  1. thanks silly girl, I have just got in contact with them and i have now arranged a payment plan with them for £61.50 a month till the debt is paid off in feb i am so happy its finally lifted a weight off my shoulders. thanks for your adivce
  2. Hi i took a loan out with wonga.com, for a total of £400, i have made a payment plan with them as i couldnt afford to repay it, they have advised me if i dont stick to this payment plan then there going to take me to the cleaners basically for a total of £1,500 which i just dont have, i have called 5 times and was told they would call me back with no reply from them, i have an 8 month old child which i need to sort out first as she is my main priority and i will pay them £50 to pay off this loan, they are not helpful and refuse to help me out is there any way i can sort this out with out being taken to court.
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