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  1. This comes as no surprise to me. Most people just seem to switch off these days when it comes to anything to do with gas and electricity. It's not just things like smart meters which land on deaf ears. I recently conducted a survey on my website. It tells me that nearly 80% of energy consumers are paying standard energy prices. Standard energy tariffs are the default tariffs which suppliers place everyone on (the most expensive) Even though the Government has ran numerous campaigns to advise people to shop around for a better deal, most are still reluctant to switch their energy supplier.
  2. Sorry, I couldn't post the images because I didn't have enough posts. Should work now though. Let me know what your meter looks like.
  3. Hi Steve If you would like to provide more information, I will see what I can do for you. Please provide the following: Your current meter readings Your monthly Direct Debit payments Your current tariff (standard energy or one of the online discounted tariffs) The first part of your postcode Is your boiler a modern one, or is it behind a gas fire? 7 days after providing your meter reading here, please return here to provide a new reading. This is so I can see what you have consumed over 1 week Also look at your gas meter and let me know which of the following it looks l
  4. Hi MW2 Sorry to hear you think you have been ripped off. If you had been on a discounted internet price before you were put onto standard energy, you would have been advised, that at the end of the term for your discounted tariff, you would be placed on standard energy. Standard energy prices are more expensive than discounted internet tariffs. The length of the discounted tariff is normally around 1 year, unless you are on a fixed price deal which can be longer. Your energy supplier won't chase you up to find a cheaper deal. Our Government have been urging People to shop around for c
  5. I'm not up to speed with all the posts on this thread, but UW have actually got quite a good reputation for customer service, don't forget you normally only hear things about companies when something has gone wrong. Things go wrong for all the energy companies when there is some wrong information somewhere. I don't think many of the UW distributors are qualified to offer that much in the way of advice, as most of them are not energy experts.
  6. I get paid a referral fee from some of the comparison sites. It makes no difference to me wether you switch to any of the big 6 suppliers or Utility Warehouse.
  7. Hi there If you can be bothered, scan your last 2 bills (the bits with all the gobbldygook on) write your current meter reading on one of them and email it to me. I will decipher it for you.
  8. There are a lot of what, where, when, and how to consider here. When you moved in, did you find out who the supplier is and give them the meter readings? Is your gas meter inside or outside the flat? If outside, do you know which one is yours? If you changed the supplier to Utility Warehouse when you moved in, they have to give current supplier 28 days notice of you intention to switch. I am assuming you did this, so therefore you must have given UW your meter readings. That means you would have an official starting point for your for liability of the bills. If you changed to UW when
  9. Hi again Responding to someone who said we are paying the highest rates in Europe. You are not far wrong, but this fact only applies to the 87% of the UK population who are not taking advantage of de-regulation. there was a report conducted by BBC Watchdog regarding this and if you don't carry out an online price comparison & switch your supplier on a regular basis, the chances are that you are amongst the people paying the highest prices. This report is available on my website, but I can't put energy advisory service uk on here just now.
  10. I was recently challenged by someone defending Utility Warehouse prices. This is the response I got to my post: ---Quote--- Utility warehouse are really quite expensive now. Or are you an Agent for them? ---End Quote--- Here we go again, whenever somebody says something good about UW they are immediately accused of being a distributor. UW may not be the cheapest supplier especially compared to online tarrifs but they are certainly not expensive. The last couple of times I did a comparison against the other main suppliers UW came out cheaper than some and about the same as 2 of
  11. Sorry, but I just don't get this. You have got access to a computer. Why are you not switching your supplier through an online comparison site? Energy Companies don't give you a loyalty rate. There are billions of pounds of unclaimed discounts available through switching to an online tariff, only 13% of the population are using this facility Utility Warehouse prices were good at one time, but that applies to all the energy suppliers. The trick is - Keep switching. If you are not sure if you are getting an accurate quote, then make sure you use a Consumer Focus accredited comparison site, or
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