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  1. Yes received letter on Sat 12\11\2016 from the finance company with High court threat in capital Red letters saying if they are not contacted by the 18\11\2016 they would be going to repossessed our house, is this possible without us going to court
  2. Ok but what will happen if they go to High Court for possession any advice on this please to put our minds at rest
  3. Finance u ltd was company Car loan was 2005 We took car back to garage in 2007 We are worried now cos they have sent letter saying they are going to high court , I have emailed them 3 times and have had no reply how should we handle this.
  4. Hi cannot you give me some advice on a charging order that I had put on my property a few weeks before my bankruptcy, the charging order was for £2300 and this is now over 6 years ago and has come off my credit report, this charge was put on my account cos I handed a car back to a garage and they said this was the shortfall although we never knew where the car was sold to or for how much ? This company rang me in Feb2016 and said if we paid £1000 to them in 10 installments of£100 a month then they would clear the balance which we accepted we have made 5payments and missed a few due to my wife having treatment for a lump on her breast, the arrangement would have finished this month and my mum was going to pay the remaining £500 this month to clear the balance, however we have just received a letter from creditor to say they have sent numerous letters to us which we have never received from them, they have now sent a letter saying we must contact them by the 18th of Nov this week or they are going to the High court for possession please can you help us regarding them going for repossession and can they do this without the case going back to court.
  5. Welsh water contacted me by letter in January 2016 saying I was in arrears and if I did not contact them to pay or make d/d arrangement with them they would report to credit bearu, I agreed to pay them £50.00 a month never missed a D/d payment with them, then in July 2016 we had new bill and still carried on with D/d payments ? Then when I checked our credit reports in August they put my account into a delinquent state with the outstanding arrears showing, I spoke to them and they said they are now doing this to their customers, my question was we agreed to the arrangement in January why have they given us a 6 status on credit report, why do they ruin people's credit profile when you are making regular payments.
  6. No there is no date put on it, so how long will this remain on my report as it has damaged our credit score. Many thanks for your advice.
  7. Hi can you give me advice on my water rate repayments, I am now clear of mortgage arrears and the only debt I have left is £700 for my water arrears which was agreed to pay at the rate of £50.00 P month until cleared again I kept to this repayment religiously, however I have just checked my experian report and welsh water has put the account Into a delinquent with 6 showing without us knowing although paying every month on direct debit! I have spoken to welsh water and they said they are doing it to everyone now without telling them because new bills have been produced . Can they do this although I have not missed a d/d payment to them . And how long will this delinquent account show on my credit report, will it be removed when account brought up to date.
  8. Hi all I have been away on holiday and I left £5.00 in my Halifax card cash account to pay a £2.00 d/d for the 2nd of every month however when I came home the d/d was not paid as Halifax took their charges first which left me in debt to them should they have paid my £2.00 d/d first then applied their charge, the d/d has been applied for twice while I was away so they are going to charge me another£20.00 for missed d/d. Should they have done this ? They debited their charge on the same day as the d/d came out ?
  9. No the charge order has also cleared off our reports thank you but couldn't understand why our score went down to331 on Noddle and 339 on clear score when bankruptcy was removed ?
  10. No all our credit cards are up to date and our HP payments for our car never been missed for the last 3 years all be it a high interest rate we were going to consolidate our car and credit cards into one loan this missed payment has knocked our credit reports to poor, it has not improved although bankruptcy now removed we thought it would have had a good impact on our report, I intend to speak to them tomorrow to see if they will remove missed payment on file I will then send them SAR, the only other debt we have is a charge on house for £2300 but the company has agreed to accept £1000 I've 10 payments to clear the charge , would this charge have any impact on our credit score . Thank you for your help.
  11. Hi can you give me some more advise on my situation, well we are now clear of our bankruptcy after a long 6 years which has now come off our credit file, we have paid back all of our arrears which the court gave us time to do, how ever there is £60.00 outstanding for our May payment which was due on the 01/05/2016 but it was agreed as always that we would pay the last day of every month with the mortgage company, we were 12 days late on this payment just checked our credit report and they have entered a missed payment which has now damaged our credit reports again. Now if this was agreed to be paid at the last day of the month why would they enter a missed payment as we thought it should only be reported after 30 days of expected payment, that have also charged us £50.00 fees. We have not missed any payments to our other creditors and our credit report was looking great until the mortgage company did this to us, we did tell them last month that we would be putting in a SAR regarding late payment charges and sending door step callers to the house which never ever came in to speak to us and they said they were entitled to make these charges. Do you think this is why they have entered This Missed payment on our credit reports? And how will this new entry affect our future credit. We just got over years of stress and these company's don't seem to care pls advise how to handle this new situation.
  12. Can you advise me where I can get template For SAR please. Many thanks again.
  13. I thought that after the ccj falls off credit file the debt is gone, but The CO stands and it only comes into force when I sell my house sorry to me not understanding your reply. What action can they take against me after ccj falls off file. thank you .
  14. Ooh here we go car finance company has just conveniently rang me to say they don't want to make life awkward for me but they want a payment or a offer of payment on this C O, they prob know the ccj comes off my name in January 2016, i have still got no equity because I am still paying arrears off to mortgage company what should I say to them as our income will not stretch any further at present, and what can they do to us. Also just noticed the ccj was for £2260 now they say it is £2450
  15. Thanks for replying I was just wondering if the mortgage company's keep putting A P until April 2016 and this shows until 2022, although my mortgage payments will be up to date By May 2016 and will be showing OK from May 2106 and all my other credit card and hp is all showing Ok as everything is now up to date, how will this affect my credit rating as I am self employed and I need to up grade my car in July 2016. Will these past AP showing until 2022 still ruin my credit rating which I have worked hard to put right over the last 6 Years ? One more question is how do I see what I have been charged since mortgage started in 2007 and can I claim back any solicitors costs. Many thanks
  16. No they have not put a default on just AP markers thanks for your reply
  17. Hi I was looking for some advice about an arrangement to pay with my mortgage company in 2011 I went to court to appeal a eviction through a circuit judge who made an order for me to pay my regular mortgage payment plus £150.00 pm on top I have done this religiously and my arrears will be fully cleared in April 2016 we were really happy we have completed this order by the courts. we have now checked our credit file and the mortgage company have marked every month we have paid them over the last 5years with a Arrangement to pay marker should they have been doing this as we have paid our mortgage and arrears every month and after arrears are cleared in April will this still affect our credit rating.
  18. Thanks for your reply but the CO was made about 8 weeks before our bankruptcy so we couldn't add it to bankruptcy apparently, so we were just concerned this would show up on credit files or land registry and stop us getting future credit and move on with our lives.
  19. Hi I had a charging order on my property in 2010 with negative equity went bankrupt 3 months later my question is the original ccj for charging order comes off my credit file in January 2016 I realise I will Have to pay CO when I sell property but after ccj comes off my credit file will the charging order still affect my credit file.
  20. Hi i have just received monthly mortgage statement and have been charged for a field agent fee, the agent called at my home without any notice and i told him i was not interested in speaking to him and he left, i did ask him if i spoke to him could he help stop eviction he said no he was only calling to take my financial budget ,i told him we had already supplied this to the mortgage company. Do i have to accept these charges ? seems to me the court helps you try to sort arrears out and these people add more charges.
  21. absolutey on top of the world, it is just a shame that the DJ didn't give us a fair hearing. Why are the solicitors so adamant to get the eviction, but before going into court she was so nice to us, i also dont think it is wise for anyone to speak to the mortgage solicitor 30 mins before the case goes into court.
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