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  1. Hi, Thanks for the advice everyone. I will print the template up as a letter and send it off. I have also put my wife's worries to rest, thanks postggj. And Silverfox, the company is Arvato Finance Services of Willerby Hull. They are a joke - when the first letter arrived during August, my wife tried to phone them on a 08700 number to find out more but they would only deal with me - so I phoned them from a mobile (3 not Vodaphone) and gave permission for my wife to speak on my behalf, who then phoned them back to be told absolutely nothing!! The 2nd letter arrived during September (whilst on holiday) with a deadline (which passed during our holiday too) by which date action was threatened to be taken. I am sure these companies prey on people like us who know little and worry them into submission. As I said in my original posting; I have no records and can't be sure of any exact details, but I have just Googled 'Peoples Phone' and it turns out that they were taken over by Vodaphone in November 1997 - so I was actually slightly out from my 14 year guesstimate (but certainly more than 6 years). Many thanks - Dave
  2. Hi, I am a new poster on the forum, so apologies if I have posted in the wrong place. I have recently received 2 letters from a debt collection agency alleging that I owe £42:79 for a 'Peoples Phone' contract that I had over 14 years ago. They also inform me that they will either instruct a solicitor or a local collection agent to personally visit me. I always pay all bills and outstanding amounts that I owe and can't get to grips with this one at all! I had a contract with 'Peoples Phone' which was not a PayAsYouGo phone line, so required a direct debit payment for connection to the service. This lasted until Vodaphone swallowed up 'Peoples Phone' in 1997 and who subsequently allowed me to continue under their contract. If there was an outstanding amount at that time, I'm sure that it would have automatically been taken from my bank account. Unfortunately I don't have records going back 14 years and I am no longer with Vodaphone! I have tried to ask the debt collection agency for some proof (I can't be sure - maybe somehow I really do owe it) but they are of little help, and the unsigned letters that they are sending have now really started to frighten my wife (she fears debt collection agents may come knocking on our door whilst I am at work). I have read in a forum about a debt being 'statute barred', is this so? Also can I do anything to halt the letters? Hoping someone can help - kind regards Dave
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