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  1. Result!! Finally received a letter confirming that they agree with me! They cant class drawings as income, and income (self employed) is purely based on share of profit. Many thanks for peoples suggestions and input, gave me a bit of comfort, but never knew for certain until today.... Cheers
  2. Many thanks for this, looks a little promising!!!
  3. Bit of a strange one , but I will try and keep it as brief as possible....... Received a letter requesting my attendance at a benefit fraud investigation, and that it would be under caution (and taped). Went today, and not sure what to make of it to be honest. They claim I did not report a change in circumstances 4 weeks after making the claim in 2009. In 2009 I lost a business, was left jobless, and instead of claiming dole, went self employed to make a fresh start. I informed the local council I had no income, and as such, received full council tax benefit (now called cou
  4. We have been fighting the bank regarding a 2nd charge on our properties. They ae currently seeking repossession (already had one adjournment as we were and still are negotiating!!). The question is this: We are unable to offer the full amount, however, we have been given an indication by a mortgage lender of what we can re mortgage for. We have offered this value in full and final settlement ( approx 72% of the total amount owed). We have stated that we will not process a mortgage application until we know if this would be accepted, to save unnecessary costs etc. There repl
  5. Looking for some advice om a commercial lease signed in personal names. Long winded, but here go's.... Signed a lease in joint names (business partner) for 5 years, for 2 units, with a break clause after 3 years. 2 1/2 years into this , we had to put company (ltd) into liquidation. At the time landlord stepped back and said he would not pursue for the remainder of lease (approx £140k), if we wanted to start again and remain in the building (using 1 unit). If things went well, then he wanted us to address the issue of the remaining unpaid liability of the lease. We made it quite
  6. Just found out that hey have classed the withdrawal of funding due to a termination event. In the termination event clause, i have checked that any reported/planned form of insolvency can constitute a termination event. Feel the incorrect reporting of a CVA, has invoked this, and the commercial bank would find it difficult to deny, but what can be done via legal action?
  7. Had a meeting with Lloyds Commercial Finance in view of a complaint we made which we feel tipped our company into liquidation. It turns out that after a meeting at our premises, our client manager reported to senior banking management that we (the directors) had decided to apply for a CVA !. They never funded a penny from that point onwards, causing us to put the company into voluntary liquidation. This (CVA) was totally untrue. It had not even figured as part of the discussions! We believe this statement had a significant affect on the future funding of the company. It has also
  8. Very long winded, but here go's. In September 2008, got a call from bank managerstating that the bank insist we fully secure the overdraft (£70,000), or the bank would look to remove the facility. At that time the Ltd co. had a negative balance sheet (£75k), but was trading a profit, and things were looking positive that it could trade through. Although we initially resisted this request, pressure was increased until in November, we either had to concede or close the business. We agreed, but decided to increase the facility to £100k as cash flow was always poor over the festive period (th
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