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  1. hi thanks for that,i dunno if thats all of it but this is what he has told me and i was with him when he spoke to dvla
  2. and they have agreed to the dmp and i have been paying them,now they are asking for proof of earnings.
  3. hi just recieved my sar and only got photocopies of original agreement,telephone messages which they have made some bits up,payments which are completely different to my old statements and didnt have all payments on and didnt inc the massive hike to 7500 only up to 5999,and they didnt send me any info on my insurance what shall i do now is there something else i should applie for or shall i give the info to a solicitor thanks
  4. hi thanks for that what is the next step if they have taken out another agreement and im getting charges each month for capitalisation is this legal as i have never heard of this
  5. hi my brother lent his car to his boss at the time and he had it for a year or two cause he said he was gonna buy it then they stopped working together and my brother recieved a letter saying someone was applying for the log book so my brother contacted them and they said their is nothing he can do as its not a legal document and as he has been using the car he is the owner of the vehicle which has now been sold to a car garage,now he is bein sent to court for not notifying the dvla change of keeper is there anything he can do or is there hope of getting his car back thanks
  6. hi i have been reading the forums and have applied for my sar and sent a £10 cheque do i also need to apply for a cca? i also went on a dmp with cccs and on doing so they put the amount i owe from £3699 to over £7500 and all i borrowed is £2000 is this legal and what can i do to try and right this debt off thanks
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