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  1. Sorry I haven't been able to get on to reply, been unable to get on the Internet recently! dj1971 - thanks, yes I thought so too, but I have had conflicting advice on this one. I'm inclined to go with you, thinking about the FSCS as a backup. kathy918 - thanks for that, I'll go and have a quick look, will keep you all posted (apologies if I don't reply straight away at the moment) ;-)
  2. Hello all I'd just like to say hello with my first post, and sorry if it's a bit of a complicated one! I am currently attempting to claim back PPI on a loan (taken out with my husband) that was originally secured (we unfortunately lost our house since, so this is no longer the case; FirstPlus continue to use repossession as a threat though, despite us informing them and their DCA multiple times by letter). My brother has helped me by drawing up letters that we have sent to FirstPlus, claiming PPI plus interest. The amount that we are claiming is larger than that claimed by
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