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  1. Hi All, I was sent a payment from South Africa on Wed's morning at 8am (according to the company it's coming from), can any of you tell me when am I likely to get the funds into my account, phoned the bank and they are useless...in this day and age you would think they would be able to track these types of payments. Anyway what with it being a bank holiday Monday...any idea.
  2. Haha I intend to stay off that phone..... This has been going on for so long and have contacted Lee from Vodafone customer support...... What gets me is how I last had contact with them in December after I sent prove it letters and now they write to me with a new acct number as old one has been archived
  3. Defo get a copy of your credit report, you can normally get a copy for free if you send in a particular form...not sure where this is but I am sure its around somewhere, then this way you will be on the starting line
  4. Hi All.... A little help with this please...... Some time ago Capquest contacted me about a debt with Vodafone, I started to make payments until I realised what I was doing and asked them for a copy of the credit agreement, done it all the correct way.... They replied and said that I will need to contact Vodafone myself, which I did and have never had any response, Capquest left me alone for a while, I recently moved house and am just getting round to advising my creditors of my new address, however Capquest seem to already have my new address, So I phoned them to ask them how they got it and they said they have a tracking office...but I told them I was up to date with correspondence with them so why they felt the need to trace me I dont know, however on this new correspondence there is a different ref number and I asked them what was going on an they have said that the old ref case was archived as they was only acting on behalf of Vodafone before and now they have brought the debt, hence new ref number..... I told them once again that I require the credit agreement and they told me they dont have one and no mobile phone contract has one and thats by law, however I know that there should be a service agreement and vodafone should has previously provided this.... but Capquest dont seem to get what I am telling them, they also say I have to put my request under section etc and send p/o, have previously done this... so need some advice as to the next steps, I dont normally call any of my creditors but felt the need to with this one as they contacted me at my new address without me informing them I had moved.... any advice please x
  5. If you cant read the letter it says Thank you for your letter dated 27th Ocotber 2010 which we received on 5th November 2010 the contents of which we note The is account was originally opened in .................. ....... as a 28-day continous personal credit account. The current outstanding balance on this account is //////// the terms of repayment on which are ////// every 28 days the arrears are ////// and we can confirm that there is currently no payment protection insurance covering this account credit charges are currently being charged at 2.62 pence in the pound equal to 39.9% apr variarble every 28 days we have not issued any default notices or obtained any court orders in relation to this account please find enclosed a "True Copy" of your credit agreement along with the current terms and conditions applicable to your account, to which you have has agreed Then it just goes on with a load of old rubbish So just want to know where I stand as I have said I have sent in the Prove it letter as the cca are not signed by myself and have only hand written in my name and address and they are different on both accounts
  6. I have attached the letter they sent with the catalogue CCA they state it is a true copy of my original yet they have hand written the address themselves have just typed a Prove it letter and have written to Vodafone
  7. Hi All 2 questions.... 1. Have a catalogue and am currently in the process of requesting CCA, they have sent me back a credit agreement that is unsigned by myself and also one of them they have hand written in my name and address and neither myself or the company has signed it and on the other one which is excatly the same there is only there signature, not mine or my name or address. Where do I go with this.....Advice please 2. I have an old mobile phone contract that is currently with a debt collector asked them for CCA and they wrote back saying as it was a mobile that it would not be a credit agreement it would be a contract...So I wrote back to them and asked for a copy of this and they have written back to me and have said that In order to receive a Copy of the Original Agreement on this account you will need to contact the store where the phone was purchased. So my question is are they not ment to do this and also I never got it from a shop I got it over the phone from Vodafone and cannot remember if they ever sent me anything to sign etc as it was so long ago that I took this out I havent got the fogeist but I know it was prior to April 2007 Your advice would really help in this situation Thanks Jennifer
  8. They are the Office of fair trading Bev......... Dont let them w**kers get to you, send them a letter its on here somewhere and am sure someone will be along soon stating that you wish for all contact to be done so in writing and that all telphone numbers that they hold for you be removed from there systems
  9. From looking at the CCA letter it seems that they are in default of my request !!!!
  10. I think I took it out either 2005 or 2006 not quite sure, however I have in writing that they have requested it from the original creditor and it has passed the 12+2 so I phoned them today and they said they still havent had it........
  11. Hi All I have requested the CCA on my Everyday Loans account and phoned the office of 1st Credit whom have the account and they were more than happy to oblidge, any how they sent me a letter on 5th Oct saying they they dont have this on file and have had to request it from Everyday Loans, today is 26th and to my knowledge they have failed to supply me with my credit agreement. Whilst I have put everything in writing and have copies and also have there letters I phoned them today and said that they have failed to provide it to me............There response was he is aware of the timescale and basically they know they have **cked up. Also before I requested it from them I spoke with Everyday Loans who advised me that once the account was sold they sent all info and paperwork about me over to the company who brought it so therefore dont have the agreement..... So they dont have it and 1st credit dont have it..........Do I have a case against them suggesting that they have failed to provide my request and should therefore in there best interest write off my debt leaving it with a zero balance. Your comments and suggestions would be grateful here Thanks Jennifer 8)8)8)
  12. Its not a lot of money only a couple of hundread but thanks for your help anyways
  13. Thanks Silverfox - Here goes... 1st one taken out in June 07 - Credit limit it says The Credit Limit will be determined by us from time to time under this agreement and notice of it will be given by us to you..........APR it says 34.9% APR(variable)................Monthly repayments it says "Monthly repayments are payable by the date stated in the monthly statement, The monthly payment is an amount equal to at least 5% of the outstanding balance from time to time, shown in your monthly statement or £5 whichever is greater...........Cancellation it says in a box above my signature YOUR RIGHT TO CANCEL, Once you have signed this agreement you will have a short time in which you can cancel it, We will send you exact details of how and when you can do this. The other is is exactly the same apart from it was taken out in Sept 2005 and the APR is 29.9%
  14. Hi All, Would really appreciate any advice or guidance on my credit card agreements....... I was on Mat Leave and then was made redundant and have since been struggling to repay debts have requested CCA and Capital one have sent me there response and attanched the CCA to them....... I need to know if these are enforceable or whether I will have to agree a payment term with them. Many thanks in advance x Jen
  15. HAHA this is so funny, just ignore them, they will then pass it to a solicitors whom i may add are in the same building and the man in charge is apparently someone who works for the council in a completely different area, they will eventually leave you alone. I used a car park which belonged to tesco which is private land and as there was no parking for work i parked there and so did everyone else at my work, tesco hired the cowboys to patrol the carpark and give out tickets etc, I had about 10 tickets all in all and never paid one of them, I claimed I wasn't the driver, and also they took pictures but the date on every picture on every ticket was dated in 2038, now correct me if im wrong but we aint even in 2011 yet......... they cannot do anything about parking on private land, unless it is a police officer or a traffic warden or unless it is either or they have a hat like the traffic wardens and police officers then they cant do diddly sqwat.... Just tell them where to go like I did !!!
  16. Please help anyone, I have a HP Agreement with Welcome and it was taken out with me and my EX partner, he doesnt have the car I do and I pay it every month, they sent him a letter and on this letter was all of my personal bank account details, I only knew about this because his mum was kind enough to tell me..... Surely this cannot be done and what can I do about this, they are not going to get away with it !!!
  17. I had a call from this company today and previously, they said I took out a loan which I no I never done and have asked for them to send me a copy of the credit agreement for which I have signed, I also asked for this some months ago and to date they have not provided me with it, also they said the credit agreement does not have my written signature on it but an electronic one, I mean anyone can type this up, surely its not enforceable !!!
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