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  1. Been a while but just to update my situation I offered to pay back 375 in 3 monthly installments to close my account. This was not accepted but they wanted me to pay the 375 and then discuss what the balance left was. After this exchange i did not hear from them until the last week or so when someone claiming to be their legal officer has called my work and my mobile. My boss said the guy was quite aggresive when told i was unavailable. I yesterday received a letter from them stating " Following your failure to comply with the terms of your loan aggreement, we are now commencing legal a
  2. I agree they are by far the worst one that I've dealt with and believe me over the last year I've dealt with nearly every payday loan company out there. I have offered to pay them back the original loan amount and one months interest and will not give them a penny more unless they take me to court. If they'd been asking for a reasonable amonut from the start then they probably would have got paid months a go.
  3. Just had a phone message from a Mr Peter Atkins at Spee-e-loans. He claims to be a legal officer. In his message he says that i must call him other wise they are going to contact my HR department at work to apply for a legal attachment to get the money i owe them. Can they do this? Any advice please really don't want them harassing my employers.
  4. Sounds like good advice. Will wait and see what their response is to my letter. Can imagine they won't be too happy but these people are no better than loan sharks. Think it might be a while before any court action is taken but will keep you informed. On another note one of the companys i paid off, EPDL ( early payday loans ) sent a letter to my address to " the occupier". In this letter was " STATUTORY NOTICE " in bold at the top then went on to say- " Dear occupier, We are writing this letter as we are obliged by law to give 14 days notice of impending le
  5. Thanks for the quick reply, Have already changed bank accounts and have been dealing with them via email so have a record of this contact as well. They repeatedly make threats to call me at work in their emails despite having been told by myself that i am unable to be contacted at work. Also they have said in their email that if they issue a default against me my bank will close my account as i am no longer bank worthy. I told them this was utter rubbish and was surprised that they would put such things in writing. Will try sending them the letter and see what comes back. Jus
  6. Hi, Looking for a bit of advice, over the last year I got myself into many problems by taking out payday loans. Got to the stage where paying off the interest from all of them was taking all my wages each month. i decided to get some control back and changed bank accounts as i found that even cancelling my debit cards wasn't enough to stop them taking my money. Since then i've paid off about 10 of these companies most settling for pretty much what i owed them and some a bit less although it pains me to think what i paid in rollover charges over the months. I now find myself left wit
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